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Non-Vaccinated Banned From Theme Parks


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1 hour ago, Slick said:

At the end of the day, everyone who is hesitant should speak to a trusted GP about vaccination.

Given any medical professional is suspended or sacked and lose their creditations if they suggest anything other than “get jabbed” you’re unlikely to hear anything but a one sided conversation. 

1 hour ago, Slick said:

if there was an issue, we definitely would've seen it by now

I’d consider the significant number of heart related reactions, especially in young men, to be an issue. 870 in the first week of November alone.

1 hour ago, Slick said:

We're really lucky that we feel like COVID-19 won't impact us in Australia

I agree 


1 hour ago, Slick said:

Every side-effect, every death post vaccination, every reported sniffle is logged and checked.

That’s not the experience I have heard or seen first hand. Any reaction is at first attempt palmed off as “coincidental”. 


1 hour ago, Slick said:

This data has been misreported by politicians and fringe circles en masse

Data has been misreported and used since day 1. It’s a documented fact that initially there was an overstatement of deaths attributed to covid. If you die with covid, you are ascertained to have died because of covid. 


1 hour ago, Slick said:

Our federal government wasn't bothered to build quarantine facilities that it was supposed to by law, it refused to roll-out a national strategy for COVID-19 until it was forced to and absolutely bungled/lied about getting vaccines when we needed it.

Without doubt, our federal govt royally f**ked up, as did states. We had CHO’s say that getting AZ jab if you were young was more dangerous than getting covid. Then a week later they backtracked. If you don’t think that doesn’t play on people’s minds about the honesty and transparency we are receiving then I don’t know what will.


1 hour ago, Slick said:

let alone coerce and force people into getting vaccinated.

Mandating that people have to get a jab to keep their job, career, livelihood is the definition of force. Providing “rewards” for people to get vaccinated is the definition of coercion. 


1 hour ago, Baconjack said:

Isn't this just pretty much identical logic that anti vax use to justify why they don't take other vaccines?

I’m not sure - i am not an anti-vaxxer.

1 hour ago, themagician said:

But how do you know how much testing there was on childhood vaccines. They’ve been around much longer, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have life long impacts, much like the Covid vaccines could also.

The average testing and data collection phase for vaccines prior to a full scale approval and rollout is near to 16 years. 

there is decades of data on the potential short/medium/long term reactions to childhood vaxs. Parents can make the decision for their children knowing what those are, they can’t in this instance as we have no medium/long term data whatsoever and even the short term data is murky in how it’s being reported 


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59 minutes ago, Gazza said:

Wait did I just do a mic drop a week ago?

@Brad2912didn't have anything to say on the above.

Just realised I don’t want to spend my time on this forum arguing. No one is going to change another persons mind (nor is it or was it my intention to). 

i’m happy to make a comment here and there regarding specifics of mandates on the parks and impact etc - but just don’t have the appetite of a back and forth on the covid issue en masse. 

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Glad you got that off your chest. Appreciate your opinion. I disagree with quite a lot of it, but don’t have the energy or the inclination to retort it. We’ve both had our say on our thoughts - they are clearly gulfs apart - and that’s fine. 

unless it’s related to mandates impacting specifically theme parks, I’m out of this. Mic drop away all you like. 

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3 hours ago, Ash said:

Hahahahaha, could see this coming a mile away

What do you mean?

The suggestion was always that once the state had reached a sufficient level of fully-vaccinated residents, the need to 'separate the herd' was lessened. We saw NSW lower restrictions once they had reached 90% double vaxxed.

QLD health reported earlier today that we are now at 91.79% double vaxxed. The 90% threshhold has long been understood to be a level where herd immunity is largely effective - and removing this restriction before the Easter weekend (and announcing it more than a week away to enable venues to adjust their arrangements accordingly) is both expected and appropriate.

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Ok, just remember the target was 70%, than 80%, now 90%. And now Thursday next week the unvaxxed can go anywhere. This is nothing to do with health. And there is an election coming up. 

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