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Too Much Studios in Movie World?

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Richard, I started to read this and thought it would be referring to the issue of members insulting other members. Surely that is a far more important issue than correct spelling and punctuation, isn't it?

Personally I see it as just as important. This is an Internet forum not a quick text message to someone you know. I come here to read posts by others and would prefer not to have to spend additional time trying to translate what someone else has posted. If they are from another country where English isn't their main language I am ok but the "OMG, liek totally, c u l8r" crap you would get in a text message doesn't really belong here. Most phones have a full keyboard with auto-correct so there really is no excuse for chat style short hand anywhere to be honest, it is just laziness not typing out the whole word.

As for using the studios for rides (and I assume attractions) I am somewhat sure if you were to visit the studios now there is a very high chance the park is using them for attractions. Will never happen full time as the noise would be too much of an issue for anyone working on a production in the other sound stages.

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I asked someone reasonably who was reasonably high up in Universal the same question about Uni Studios in Hollywood and the answer I got was: "Do you know how much those soundstages make?" So it might be a similiar equation for Movie World, and of course MW has a number of other factors influencing theme park expansion like the neighbours.

LOL, otherwise, start buiding that indoor megalite.

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Movie World should bring back a studio tour like other parks with movie studios next door.

Apart from Universal Studios Hollywood, what other parks do this? To my knowledge, most parks abandoned their tour years ago with Disney's Hollywood Studios about to follow suit.

I agree, they should have another show or something to connect with the film studio theme.

I think an updated special effects show would be good:


I also think the new attraction at Movie Park Germany is pretty cool:


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You got to admit a studio tour could attract more tourists. In Universal, many people always come for the studio tours

You have to understand the difference with Universals Tour. Its probably the worlds most famous stduio/backlot and its still in use nonstop. Some of the tours ride sections are classic (jaws) and people love to go see it because its a changing experience on a very busy studio lot.

The old MW tour was more about showing people "how" movies were made. In 2014 with the internet and the fact everythings digital and CG and we have so many dvd extras, everyone knows how movies are made and people wouldnt be interested to se a sound effects stage in action. Universal dont rely on the making of movies like the old MW tour but they do have so many famous movies having been filmed there people want to see it and feel it. Universal's back lots are incredible.

What would a modern MW tour be like? "heres where the awful Street Fighter was filmed, heres were one of the scooby doo movies was made, heres where the terrible house of wax was made" . There just isnt a point as the studios just arent that amazing or historical. If they can stick the left over Pirates ships and sets from the upcoming movie out back then they might have something to start with.

I really dont think its ever going to happen nor is it a great idea to bring back as studio tour.

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