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welcome to the forums danny i think it is wonderful that you took your fiance to carnivale i'm sure movie world put on a hell of a show for you guys they generally do a really good job every time they put on one of these night events i also think its really cool that you used absolutely no punctuation whatsoever because it makes it really easy to read it all in one go

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Was there this evening and had a really great evening despite the rain drowning out our filming. Thank god for the gigantic roof. Definitely went away impressed by the sheer abundance of entertainment and food. It was a sensory overload.

For those who haven't been, the photos are nearly done, the video from tonight is in edit and you'll hopefully see something later in the day when tony abbott's nbn decides to upload the final cut.

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thanks alexB I have followed the post for many years but I didn't post anything on this site but its been interesting.

my fiancé had a blast of a time at carnivale omg the southern sampler pass is really cool lovely food so want to do it again one day.

we loved the performers everything to do with carnivale was great we can see carnivale actually growing like how frightnight and white Christmas grew just give it time

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Having just returned I'd say the biggest difference between this year and last is that it isn't stupidly cold this year.

I think Carnivale might be my favourite of these nighttime events. There are entertainers everywhere and the place has a really great atmosphere. The food I thought was mostly the same as last year which still means it's very good. Though where has my truffle oil in the chip caravan gone? And for that matter the lattice chips and sweet potato fries? The addition of the bar in the plaza and indeed making the whole plaza licenced more than makes up for it in my eyes. It's so nice to be able to enjoy an adult beverage and not have to miss out on the entertainment. The red solo cups were a nice touch too.

The parade is still the star attraction and just the scale of it alone is enough to make it impressive . The fact it's well done and just fun to watch is an added bonus. Though 'Electrical Light Parade?' Really Movie World? You had to steal Disney's parade name? I wouldn't care except each float has a few bits of rope light, not exactly the whole point of the parade like it is with the Disney Parade.

Honestly though, when the biggest complaints I've got is a lack of truffle oil at the chip caravan and the name of the parade, you know they've done a ton of things right. I didn't attempt to go on any rides so couldn't comment on queues, except I did notice Scooby had a 15min wait at one point. I was reliably told it was a fairly quiet night though it felt perfect in the park. I don't see the point of these events as being about the rides, as much as I enjoy a night ride on Superman. To me it's about taking in the entertainment and the atmosphere, and just breathing it all in was blissful.

I'll end on something I saw happen tonight. There was a performer doing their thing, putting in all this effort for the crowd. Except it was all for one little kid who was just standing there, completely awestruck and entranced. Except I didn't just see this once, I saw it all night, constantly. There were so many performers that they weren't crowded, they just mingled and interacted with guests all night. How many memories must have been created for all those little kids who got to interact one on one with the the performers. Wether it was shaking the tamborines or dancing with a stilt walker. Just brilliant to see, and it's that sort of thing that will bring me back next year.

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For those that did go, how have the queues been? Is Fast Track a necessity?

I found the queues on Saturday night very very short.

I went on the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster about 8.30pm and the wait was no more than 15 minutes (even though the sign at the entry said 30 minutes).

Afterwards I walked past the entry an noticed the sign had been changed to 15 minutes, so I thought "why not" and went in again! That was basically a walk-on. Only 6 people in front of me!

Everyone else must have made their way to Main Street to get good spots for the closing parade. I still got a great spot though after my two rides on Scooby Doo!

Aside from that I didn't go on any rides. Like Joz I was just enjoying the atmosphere and entertainment too much to wait in queues for even a short time. It was just awesome!

I stayed till most people had left to avoid the queues to get out of the car park, and shortly before I left I saw a spotaneous Conga line develop as some of the last guests partied their way towards the exit!

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I gotta say, last night was amazing. I didn't go to Carnivale last year but I am so glad I decided to give it a try. After a completely horrendous week, Carnivale made me forget all my issues, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one that felt this way. The whole energy of the event was so infectious that everyone had a smile on there face, even some of the ride op's as they macarenaed down Main Street before the parade.

The food was some of the best food I've had at a park, especially with price, taste and portion size factored in. My bowl of Jambalya was only $10 and tasted heavenly. I know I'd take that over a $16 Prime Burger anyday!

As with what Joz was saying, there were so many magical little moments. While I was wandering down Main Street, a child's face was in complete awe as the "Pyromaniac Clown" licked a stick of fire. It almost felt like the number of performers were equal to the number of guests. It was just wonderful.

My only real complaints are just the order of some things, such as the plaza area. It just felt so cramped with all the stalls that people couldn't really queue or even move through at times. Also, "Electric Light Parade"? Really?

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Does anyone know the name of the track playing at 1:26 in this video?


No - But I have a funny feeling I know why you're interested in it....

That's one of the missing wonderland tracks!!!

it's not something that will show up on Shazam as it's usually production music or similar. The Wonderland Park Music CD has about 14 tracks on it - but this one has been missing.

I'm very keen to obtain a copy of this song to add to the Wonderland track listing on Wonderland History... if any production crew happen to be reading...?

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Before even watching the video I knew the track you'd be talking about. I remember it from last year and recognized it straight away as from wonderland.

I think I have a copy somewhere in my archives from years ago, it's definitely production music.

Private message me about it.

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