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Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

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1 hour ago, Brad2912 said:

When I saw you post this I was at the park so rushed over to try and get some photos but by then they had people on 2 cherry pickers looking at 2 sections of the track 

Sounds like the crowd outside of Rivals post day 1, waiting for the cherry picker to lower because it meant they could start taking people. It lowered and people flocked from all corners of the park. 

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Here’s the view of the The Gold Coaster from WhiteWater World yesterday. It appears that repainting has basically been completed with only some small areas that still require a repaint. Also I th

Not much more to go   

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5 hours ago, Jay Jay The Jet Plane said:

Sorry to let you know as of 11:25pm here in Queensland, Dreamworld will not be open for the remainder of today
Please come again tomorrow 😛

What do you mean? I was down there waiting for it to open. Got at least 40 rides on it in that 35 minutes

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Just rang up Dreamworld’s GS line to try and get some confirmation if it was reopening today or tomorrow 

I had gotten from them was, “The attraction has been doing test runs this morning and is set to reopen today” then only for them to backtrack a minute later and for them to say tomorrow

Let’s hope we can have an Arrow looper back open soon 🤞🏻


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12 minutes ago, Smol bean said:

I think it might just open in the middle of the day today unannounced like what happened with the smiler at Alton towers

I really expect just testing to be occurring the whole day now 

Might pop in still nonetheless to try and get some shots of the ride in action but if not, full proper near day tomorrow on my end at the park 

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