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  1. The U bars are often intended to keep your legs together or stop you sticking them out to the side. Cool design, looks interesting since the most recent prior gen of family coasters from Vekoma were U bars. https://rcdb.com/14192.htm#p=114332
  2. Can you delete an unimportant photo to make space for updates if you run out of space?
  3. Why not? Abyss has 8 person trains, so 7 people on this is not too different. (There are even Eurofighters with a 6 seat car) I think this would be operationally advantageous in some ways because the inline seating on the train is easy to check and easy to board….Guests aren’t shuffling across a wide row, and ops aren’t leaning across to the middle seats. It won’t be the highest capacity thing ever, but they could achieve around the 400 mark if they can do 1 dispatch per min. With 1 train ops, it will do 245 an hour I estimate. The whole ride is about 40 seconds long s
  4. Lol no. Anyhow, I think this discussion is a massive stretch. If you’re one of the people in the online chatter motivated enough to make the long journey to Aus for DC Rivals, you’re going to be doing SW,WnW, MW, DW etc anyway to get all the credits. Yes DC Rivals is king, but Xtreme spinning coasters are rare too, as is the swing launch. Some visitors might have ridden Blue Fire given the attendance Europa Park gets, but all the other clones are in China and Russia, which wouldn’t be as well known. It’s not like a boomerang or SLC “clone” which are easy to
  5. The one in New Orleans ended up at SF Fiesta Texas. This is the one from Entertainment City Kuwait.
  6. A potential replacement https://www.interlink-lg.com/used-rides/inverted-coaster/
  7. Yeah, I've thought that the Ekka should go to Boondall. The current site in Bowen Hills has been cut up so much now that there isn't enough space for rides, and the pavillions are depressing because they now just use the undercroft of the multi level car park. I'm not sure if we'll ever see a shift away from the CBD focus Brisbane has for a little while yet. Sydney at least has decent satellite CBDs such as North Sydney, Chatswood, Paramatta and to a lesser extent Macquarie Park, Kogarah etc which drives the construction of crosstown lines (And even the Sydney ones only ever did "okay") .
  8. I don't reckon they will. The Olympics will likely suck up all the hotel capacity and people won't have time to visit the parks. Will be Commonwealth Games situation 2.0
  9. What will open first? Sledgehammer or SX360?
  10. Boomerang only sounds bland because enthusiasts know the term well and we're all sick of Boomerangs. For normies, it's a great description of the ride that simultaneously appeals to Aussie sensibilities.
  11. Too late for a 2nd tower now IMO, and it doesn't get busy enough to warrant it.
  12. I wonder why they were asking so much. The owners have clearly got no interest in them, they're just gathering dust in a container. Now they likely will never be sold, but they could have made a grand off it if they wanted to.
  13. I suppose there are a few AWL slides at local pools that operate 11-4 weekends/school holidays only, but few that see 365 day usage.
  14. It was in the video description when Mack first announced it on their channel. Note the spinning seats are an earthy brown and green rather than the silver/blue/red as per the rest of the Blue Fire train n
  15. The spinning seat was the one earmarked for DW, it was tested out of hours with Mack and EP Staff and will be disconnected and sent off to DW.
  16. So does anyone else reckon Surf Hill will get axed too? Super 8 reached the end of its life and was replaced with new fibreglass about 3 years ago, and Surf Hill isn't too much older... I think it'll be a good slide all things said, H2Go at Raging Waters has barely any open air section , this one at least has a couple of good dips and looks to be one of the worlds tallest racing slides.
  17. Im not so sure, I dont think Boomerang lives up to Geronimo, nor does a kiddy ferris wheel live up to Tumble Bug etc
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