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  1. Thanks @themagician for the Nearmap pic. Based on my previous guess for the location of Top Golf, and what we have seen as far as the coaster construction goes, we have a decent chunk of land stuck between the two. We've all heard reports of the "Lakeside Precinct" and the hotel development, but what do we think is going in the yellow zone below? One rumour has it $500m is being spent on the park and these new attractions. Red: Coaster Yellow: ?????? Blue: Top Golf
  2. Jet Rescue was the first ride to make it into Parkz All Stars Aussie Theme Park. MDMC is the first ride turned into paperclips. Next battle: Escape from Madagascar vs. Road Runner Rollercoaster. Time to see which one will be left standing and which one will be turned into dust. If anybody has any ideas of battles they what to see, you can send me a message and I will start a new one each Monday.
  3. I saw people debating within another topic which was a better ride. This gave me an idea. Here you can nominate two different rides from different parks. The idea is the rides you nominate are competing for the same guest. For example and this is just for @reanimated35 Big Red Car @ DW vs Superman Escape @ MW are not competing for the same guest and would not battle. I will start and keep it simple for the first one. Mick Doohan's Motocoaster @ DW vs Jet Rescue @ SW If you don't agree with the nominated rides competing than call it out. It would also be cool if all the battles were not all main stream parks. I should also note this is for rides within Australia only.
  4. Hi there folks! I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can find the footage shown in the queue for the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster ride at Movie World? The title of the footage is actualy "Scooby Doo: Unmasking the Mystery" but I can't seem to find any digital copy's of the footage online. The footage shown during the queue doesn't seem to be on the DVD the Roller Caster is based off of, so i've come to this lovely forum for aid! Any help would be much appreciated
  5. I know we got a little a bit until we hear about Fright Nights, to keep the thread flowing I wanted to hear what everyone wants to see for FN 2016, I want to see Halloween or Texas Chainsaw be the two mazes, and for those who didn't know, Friday and Wyrmwood are set to return for this years event,
  6. So it is now less than a month until the 1st details of the MW's new rollercoaster are expected to be released so here is a poll for everyone to guess what they think it will be. Some notes: Question 1's options (except 'Unknown World-1st Rollercoaster Product') are derived from Mack Rides' catalogue/website so look there if you want further information. Question 2 is not an opinion question about whether the rollercoaster should have VR. It is a question on whether it could. Question 3's options are derived from upcoming franchise movies from Warner Brothers (present to July 2018). Due to the limit of 20 options, I've excluded original stand-alone films and any films post-July 2018. 4 pre-July 2018 franchise films, 'Chicken Soup For The Soul', 'Live By Night', 'Ready Player One' & 'Tomb Raider' were excluded from the poll mainly due to issues with the poll. The meanings of each Question 2 option: None - No VR ever. Immediate Add-On - Rollercoaster not built for VR but has it available as an optional extra experience from opening day. Future Add-On - Rollercoaster not built for VR but one day in the future will have VR added as an optional extra experience. Pure - Rollercoaster built for VR. If you are not sure what some of the franchises are of, here are links to their respective Wikipedia articles (these articles are of the franchise - not the movie): Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them Lego King Kong King Arthur Going In Style Annabelle Wonder Woman CHiPs It Blade Runner Justice League Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror The Flash Aquaman I added 'Other' options as MW's rollercoasters feature media that was released from up to 3 years before the rollercoaster's opening. MW's rollercoasters also relate to media that was released up to 2.5 years after the rollercoaster opened. Also, I made the poll so everyone can see who voted for what option. @djrappa, since you know a lot about the new rollercoaster, you better avoid voting (unless you're happy to reveal everything ).
  7. Seven news tweeted a video that seemed to show a carriage stuck just over the top of the lift hill.
  8. Recently The Green Lantern's safety systems engaged due to a computer glitch.(I don't know much about what happened because they had not realised more information yet)It also malfunctioned years ago
  9. Hi everyone, I was wondering at the Movie World Fright Nights; do the ride and maze lines take long, if so what is the approximate wait? Cheers and btw we aren't going on the opening night or the end of October so will this make a difference
  10. Hi all! I have a Movieword group interview coming up for a retail position at both Movieworld and Wet n Wild, and I was wondering if anyone had advice on what to wear, what to expect and how to handle a group interview? I've never had an interview at a theme park before, or a group interview. Thanks!
  11. Hi i'm on a trip from Japan with my friends. we want to visit one of the theme park. we are looking for thrill rides. which is a better option for us?
  12. Hey guys my partner and I are travelling home up north tomorrow night but first we wanted to stop in and spend the day at movie world. I know there are small lockers to lock loose items in but I was wondering if there is anywhere we could store our two suitcases at movie world? We have to check out of our hotel in the morning then travel to Brisbane tomorrow arvo. Thank you in advance guys ?
  13. Hi all! My parents used to visit Movie World and the other Gold Coast parks in the 90's a lot. Every time we visit they usually point out things that have changed around the parks, they often told me there were once performers, as in people, on then "Wild Wild West" ride, is this true? What did Wild West Falls used to look like in it's heyday? I'd love to see some pictures! Any other early pictures / videos of Movie world in the parks heyday would be great too!
  14. Thought I would start a new thread regarding this so that it doesn't clog the Doomsday Destroyer thread. The concept doesn't interest me at all - Thoughts? https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153925303102182&id=106147617181 Thanks for finding the FB link @Theme Park Girl
  15. So after a very long absence I finally made a trip to the Gold Coast this past weekend (Admittedly it was for a Roller Derby tournament) and decided to take a few extra days to get reacquainted with the parks. Movie World I hopped off the plane and headed straight to Movie World. I was dissapointed that Superman was under maintenance but I haven't had a chance to ride Green Lantern yet. I was really annoyed when rocking up to the front gate to see that Green Lantern was also not operating. It would have been nice if they had this information on the website or on their hotline (of which I checked both). Not wanting to really visit having 2 major attractions down I decided to cut my losses and head over to Dreamworld. Dreamworld To say it's been a while since i've been here would be an understatement. The last time I visited The Giant Drop was only new. Overall though I was pretty impressed with the park. It was clean and tidy and everything was operating. I was very unimpressed with HWSW as they only had 1 ride op to man the ride. Cycles were taking upwards of 5 minutes and the wait was around 45 minutes. It was still just as rough as I remember it being back when it was a Luna Park the last time I rode it. Aside from the Rapids and Log ride everything else was a pretty short wait. The highlight of the first day was definitely the ride op on BuzzSaw. That guy really enjoys his job, my favourite quote from him to a girl who was screaming BEFORE the ride even started was "Don't worry if you fall i'll catch you". Day 2 he was working on Pandemonium and was cracking wise the whole time. Sea World What happened to Sea World? I was very dissapointed overall with Sea World. The first impression that they made was terrible. I got there about an hour after opening time and had to wait 45 minutes just to get inside. I was handed the usual promotional stuff and a computer printed map on a piece of A4 paper. With the food court area getting the new roof getting around was difficult and very poorly signed, Jet Rescue seems to be abandoned in a corner all by itself (It was a walk on). Most of the rides were a walk on but I couldn't help thinking that there really wasn't much to do for the older crowd. There's certainly lots of rides for kids but not for teenagers or adults. The animal exhibitions though were great. One thing I did notice, sorry if this has already been posted somewhere, but there seemed to be some work going on around the old Sea Viper site. So that was my quick trip up to the Gold Coast. Overall things were OK, not great but OK. One thing that I did find interesting though through talking with the ride ops was that the parks were all on offpeak mode now that the QLD school holidays were over. When I mentioned that it was only QLD that was back at school and that most states were still off on holidays they mentioned that management only looked at QLD school holidays. I thought that this was a bit short sighted seeing as many of the tourists on the Gold Coast, hell even from less than an hour away across the border, were still on holidays.
  16. Just a wee bit of speculation... I recently visited Movie World, and during a ride on the Wild West Falls, could spot what appeared to be a backlot with spare/new parts for rides in between the building in the Western town area of the ride. I didn't think quickly enough to snap a photo, but I definitely spotted green parts, purple parts and the Justice League emblem. Thoughts?
  17. Hey guys I've begun the ultimate Warner Bros. Movie World recreation. The first update is below and any feedback is welcome so that this can be the best it can be. Hope you enjoy! The entry archway. Batwing Spaceshot tower. Batwing queue with Justice League building in the background. Batwing tower with Batmobile and other rides in the background. Superman Escape! From the exit of the ride. Please keep in mind that this is still very much a work in progress but again, any tips are welcome as it can always be improved. Watch this space for more updates!
  18. I was wondering if anyone had any track lists for the music they play at WBMW & DW. I know the obvious songs (Wiggles in Wiggles World, Wild Wild West in Wild West Falls etc) but I was meaning the general music played throughout main street of both parks.
  19. What do you personally consider to be the most intense ride on the Gold Coast? I expect to see a lot of people saying either Giant Drop or Superman Escape but I actually consider the AquaLoop water slide to more intense, standing on that trap door and awaiting the drop is terrifying (but the anticipation is half the fun), and then there is the actual drop and the loop.
  20. I'm heading up to the Gold Coast in November, and I want to visit some theme parks while i'm there. The only parks I have been too before are Dreamworld (I was only tall enough for the small rides back then), Movie World (back when the Superman Escape was only new) and Wet n Wild (before the AquaLoops, and I dind't go on the Jetsteams as the lines was too long). Now I'm going when it won't be holidays so there are no long lines. What is the best choice for a thrill seeker, Dreamworld and White Water World or Movie World, Wet n Wild and Seaworld. Note that the Cyclone will be closed a Dreamworld when I'm at the gold coast
  21. So, I am a huge fan of costumes and any excuse to dress up is a good excuse. I know Disney doesn't like adults to dress up in costumes as it can confuse guests as to who is the real face character and who is just a guest in a costume, but I can't find any information about costumes in Movie World. Do they prevent entry if you are dressed in a costume? I was planning on a costume I have never seen at MW and I'm not sure if it makes a difference or not, but I obviously don't think its a good idea to impersonate one of their main face characters like Batman or Catwoman.
  22. On Sea World's website, on the ride pages when you click "view on map" you get a map of Movie World! http://seaworld.com.au/rides-and-attractions/rides/jet-rescue.aspx
  23. I just thought that it would be good to create a new thread about both new rides the attraction announced for spring 2012 on the MW FB page for the park this year. I am really wondering what the new ride in the batman building will be. That's if it will be inside the building.
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