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Eureka Mountain Mine Ride reopening discussion


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Do notice that the gold rush alley sign from the roof of the old entrance to eureka mountain mine ride.

Oooo I hadn't noticed that :) So it has :o:D

I noticed a month or so ago too that the old broken Frog game thing (that had been sitting inside there for ages, despite them still using the sideshow during school holiday periods) had also been removed. They have two other target game things in there still, but they look like they are easily removable. Everything else that was in there has been removed.

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News from eureka mountain, there's some floorboards and construction happening from behind a blue screen. more test dummies are sitting at the station, photo taken from through the exit door around the side of the ride, and there's still the old mine cart sitting behind the door. It's cart number 10, which is the same one that's been sitting for a while now. I'd take this as good news! 




Carnival sign and equipment has been removed too


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^The removal of the carnival games and signage is a promising sign that they will be reopening the ride.

I wouldn't be so sure yet, I'd be more looking at they "want" to reopen it, but realised for the time being the carnival games aren't making enough money to be viable. I'd say we'll likely see a replacement in that area before the ride reopens. Wouldn't surprise me if it was those stupid sales people from outside the rapids. 

Although, wheeling in a couple of popcorn machines, churro machines and drinks freezers could be a nice addition to the area. Especially now summer's almost here.

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