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Seaworlds New Kids Area Announced

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Not green lantern.......   too soon?

Yay more closed things at Sea World

doesn't look female to me - are you sure?   Either way, I guess they're 'armless.

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I don't think that's anywhere near close to being a christmas open - as said - all the rides are installed, presumably they've been tested - all we're talking about now is paths and landscaping, maybe a bit of signage...

You'd be surprised how fast the landscapers can work to get gardens and such installed, and as far as paths go - Disneyland laid the bitumen on Main St less than 24 hours before the park opened. Sure - ladies sunk their high heels into it, but the point is - laying a bitumen path doesn't take long either.

Since that photo was taken, they've had another 10 days to work on it - and they've got another 9 before it's supposed to open. so they've had 3 weeks between when that photo was taken, and when it's supposed to open.


Piss easy.

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Looking at this image, do people think that they will have a pathway going to around the back of the two whales? The way it looks in the image, it seems like they will. And does anyone have any ideas of what they might/could do with that land to the right where there is just sand at the moment?


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Here's how Nickelodeon Land looks now. 

Dockside Tavern now has a much bigger balcony facing Nickelodeon Land, and the carousel appears to have been repainted. 

From what I can see of it from here, there's only a few finishing touches needed. 




This one shows the extended balcony on Dockside Tavern. 



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  • Alexander Van Der Blom Prior to this advertisement they advertised it would be open a week before school holidays. We booked accommodation, flights and unlimited passes based on this fact and sure enough it was closed. I've screenshotted this ad and am making a complaint to the ACCC and I suggest everyone does the same. I complained to Sea World and all they gave was an apology. They're happy to take your hard earned though at the expense of your children's disappointment and tears. Disgraceful business practice Sea World.
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  • 1939642_10151869482587035_874662029_n.jp
    Geoff Meers This is false advertising sea world. We went today as it is now school holiday s and Nickelodian land looks nowhere near finished thinking of contacting accc to get you to stop this blatent misleading advertising
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looks like it may have originally been planned to open yesterday.


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