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Ultimate Terror Tour Reviews (2017)


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17 hours ago, AlexB said:

Except when there's a precedent.


I don't disagree with you @pin142, however you can't fault a person purely based on the word 'tour' when the previous year's 'thing also called a tour' permitted "free time" throughout the night.

I thought the hyped bit would take up that remaining free time with extras?

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We went General Entry on Friday night for photos and videos and returned the Saturday night for the Ultimate Terror tour…

We did not do any mazes on the Friday and spent most of the evening walking around the park enjoying the atmosphere…

Did everything on the Saturday night...


For the following TL;DR...  Could have saved myself $149... 4.5/10...


Terror Lounge - 9/10

Free non alcoholic drinks, buffet food and desserts all night…  Who can complain about that?  Meal was great as it is every year…


Scarer Briefing - 9/10

Much better run than last year’s effort…  Plenty of time at the start to get photos with the cast before the brief and then sent out into Main Street (we were told to hurry as they were holding the opening for us yet ended up standing there for almost 10minutes waiting for it to start)…


Shows - 5/10

Opening - 7/10

Was fun and a definite change from last year…  Did feel like they were trying to push the whole Zombie Extermination that was new this year along with the girl power that the park seems to be going with using Supergirl and Wonder Woman in their advertising more (not complaining just stating)…  And as stated by others, despite the VO, people stood around at the end not knowing if it was finished or not...

 Bloodlust - 2/10

No gentle way to say this…  Waste of 20 minutes…  And the large amount of guests walking out during it seem to think the same…  Old tricks, no real storyline or reason to invest any interest in the characters…  (Maverick Grand Illusion show was more impressive)…

 Tesla - 9/10

This show was definitely the stand out show and really fit the Fright Night theme…  This could have been in the HWSD arena and held the crowd better… 

 Live Band - 3/10

What happened to the band from last year?  One of those times you wish they were lip syncing and playing to a backing track…

 Closing - 5/10

If you are going to go far enough to roll out a fake deck for your fake dj, at least get someone that is standing near said deck pretending to use it at the right times…  Otherwise felt very similar to last year…  Hell the dancers outfits were last years…


Mazes - 5/10

The Conjuring 2 - 5/10

Returning from last year with only one or two minor changes… My wife was looking forward to this one but after just one trip through and despite having the UTT pass lost all interest…

From Dusk Till Dawn - 5/10

Returning from last year…  Felt exactly the same as last year…  Not much more to say…

 Halloween - 7/10

For me…  This was the better maze this year… Its shortened length actually suited this maze and a few sections were set up to disorientate you well while trying to get away from the scarers…

 Jigsaw - 4/10

This is the maze they have been pushing and to be honest…  It was overhyped…  I get that the movie has not actually been released yet and they could only go from the trailer…  It also felt a bit of a rushed to be put together maze…  Some parts just didn’t make any sense, some sections were just too dark to see anything…


Last year we raced back through mazes 3 or 4 times each on the Ultimate Terror Tour...  This year not one maze made me want to return and experience it again…


Precincts - 4/10

Dark Arts - 5/10

I counted 3 scarers in this area at any one time…  All of which were pretty much continuously taking photos with people…  A few scarers (guys in Raven masks sliding around) moved into this area occasionally and were doing well (spent 20 minutes just standing there watching them)…

 Gothic Hall - 3/10

Someone decided a projector onto the Gotham City Hall would make a precinct…  They also threw in 4 flame boxes… 

 The Evil Within 2 - 4/10

Barely wide enough for 2 people to stand side by side, crowded by people trying to get from Scooby Doo to Arkham Asylum, so much smoke you couldn’t see more than a foot in front of you, there was no way either of the 2 scarers in this precinct could do much other than stand there so people could walk past…


Ultimate Tour - 4/10

As we were being loaded I was really hoping it would be part of the experience…  I think it took longer to load than to get there though…  Best thing about this year’s Ultimate Tour was the access to an area usually off limits to guests…  Like the Jigsaw maze, this felt like a rush to throw it together experience…  (The fact the area was only announced to be closed during this month not long before does add to this thought)…  Best part of this was walking back past the scarer green room right as one of the girls from the From Dusk Till Dawn maze was taking a selfie in her G-String costume…


General - 3/10

Given Gothic Hall was marketed as “the only place you can seek refuge”, there were a lot of empty areas around the park…  DC Heroes area, DC Villains area, From the Conjuring 2 queue up past Wild West Falls, past the mazes, past Arkham Asylum, past Superman, half of Main Street there was nothing…

No scarers at the diorama cabin or cop car, 2 scarers at the fountain, 3 in main street, 3 in the plaza, 3 near the Midway Games…

All the scarers seemed more approachable this year as well…  Saw more of them getting photos with guests than scaring…


 Overall - 4.5/10

The atmosphere was great…  Standing there listening to the revving of chainsaws followed by screams was one of the most enjoyable things about the evening…  The night itself though did not feel as smooth and well thought out or put together as last year…  Some parts seemed like after thoughts, some they were so excited to be able to do they didn’t seem to worry about doing it well…


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On 09/10/2017 at 9:31 PM, Adventures With JWorld said:

Conjuring’s the same as last years

Jigsaw had spray guns and Halloween had some effects that you could control in the maze (e.g swinging body)

Jigsaw had a swinging body lever too.

Halloween also has a effect to move the bloody sheets, set off the car horn and set off the most effects

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I went back to Fright Nights last night and did the Ultimate Terror Tour again - just the standard one this time. I found that to be much better than the Hyped version. Plus our tour time was for 9pm which I thought was great as we had 3 hours to ourselves to do the mazes, a few rides, have some dinner, get our faces painted and also saw a show. We also had unlimited digital ride photos for the night - something that wasn’t included for the Hyped tour on opening night - although the camera wasn’t working properly on Superman and DC Rivals was closed.

I was just wondering from those of you who have participated in both versions of the tour which one you preferred? 

Also, when travelling in the tram at the back of the park to get to the tour, what were the ride vehicles/trains/cars there? I couldn’t get a really good look and of course no cameras allowed. Were they from Gremlins? Or just props? They were on the left hand side of the tram, near a break room. 

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9 hours ago, Brad2912 said:

Tram? They have a tram?

The trams they used to have to do the Studio tours. (You can see them in Crocodile Dundee 3 outside the then BATR). When the studio tours stopped they were housed back of house, and occasionally you see them in use at Paradise Country (although more often than not they're just parked there not being used).

For a while, MW offered trips to Paradise Country from the park, and they used the trams to get people there.

They are trams like Universal Studios Hollywood used to use, not a tracked tram.

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The trams are based at Paradise Country and are used to shuttle inbound tour groups who start their day at Movie World and move to PC in the afternoon. They are also used for functions. 

Day guests simply walk into the park after parking with the re worked entrance. Back when PC was only for groups, you couldn't walk into the park and everyone had to come by tram.

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