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12 hours ago, MickeyD said:

For those of us that still have the Unlimited memberships, can anyone answer if you still get 1 entry to FN included?

I just visited the FN website and found a section 'redemptions' which seems to be the right place, until it asks you to enter a redemption code and the member numbers don't work.

I have never received correspondence from VTP's that my Unlimited pass no longer includes Fright Nights, frankly this is the main reason why I have not switched over to the new Passes.


I just found this on the FN website after looking at tickets and clicking on a date + more info


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They can’t remove a feature of the memberships that is part of the inclusive price without letting members know it’s happening..

if you read the FAQ section:



And if you’d read the next paragraph after the one you copied and pasted... (even though it contradicts the previous..)


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11 hours ago, Brad2912 said:

(even though it contradicts the previous..)

Not quite a contradiction IIRC... the memberships had three tiers, and only the top two had FN tickets.

I'm assuming they're referencing the base tier when they say 'unlimited' memberships - which would be correct, and then of course premier and elite being the second two tiers that include it, they are listed separately.

In later periods I don't think they sold the base level anymore, but when it was first released, they certainly did.

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