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Sling Shot Gold Coast moving to the Glitter Strip

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Judging by what @jjuttp said, the company that owned that location left that deal leaving the Carrara markets location owned by the markets. now the main company that owns the surfers king tut's will be moving to other ventures or going out of business guess we'll wait and see.

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On 08/01/2022 at 8:15 PM, Brad2912 said:

Yep… bulldozed. That entire block is becoming a new tower and resort 

Huge shame that an iconic tourist attraction is being bulldozed for yet another tower and resort in Surfers. I remember speaking to some locals who remarked that Surfer's Paradise sits at a super low occupancy for most of the year but demand is skyrocketing because of things like AirBnB. The problem is that apparently people will have apartments that they'll use for AirBnB to make bank for the busy seasons and then just leave them empty at other times because it's not worth it. This means that that there is skewed supply where the area can easily handle the busy seasons, but for locals and off-peak travelers there is very little and it's incredibly hard to get a rental property.

No idea whether it's true but it does match up with some reports I've seen of Surfer's Paradise.

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Thing is as ‘locals’ we enjoy that. Because for a bunch of the year we have nice buildings with amazing facilities that are pleasant and quiet with just our own little residents communities. Then we put up with the crazy of families and interstate yobbos alike when it’s busy in exchange. 
None of us are really going to put out though…

What we need is more of things like put out pushing into the unused retail spaces down in the center (and landlords getting a grip on reality to encourage that). That creates a more desirable tourist destination whilst removing eyesore blocks like the one where Put Put is and Slingshot was. 

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The thing is, couldn't something like the putt putt go in any reasonably sized retail tenancy?

Could even go across a few floors. Plenty to pick from in Surfers.


Like  the current site has the shed taking up a tiny bit of space and is otherwise gravel.

It's not even an efficient use of the land. Clearly apartments are a better use of the site.


They could have even put mini golf in the new development in one of the tenancies if they really wanted to.


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49 minutes ago, joz said:

If you're that sad about it there's a course that's superior in every way down the road in Miami

Do you mean at Mermaid Beach on the GC Highway? 

It is a really good set up down there, but I wouldn’t say it’s superior in every way. It’s less themed, and it doesn’t have any indoor courses for extremely hot or rain effected days which is a massive plus for families 

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yeah, being indoors is the only thing Tut's has over Mermaid Beach, and even then it's still not enough to make me want to go to Tut's. Being right near the centre of the action is about the only reason it's as known as it is - and clearly that wasn't enough to save it either. 

Agree there are plenty of tenancy spaces a mini golf centre could occupy in any number of centres around the coast if it were viable, but i'm not sad to see it go.

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