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Sling Shot Gold Coast moving to the Glitter Strip

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ONE of the Gold Coast’s most popular tourist attractions will move into the heart of the Gold coast in a plan to revamp the Glitter Strip

The Gold Coast Slingshot will move from Cypress Ave in northern Surfers Paradise to Cavill Ave.


The facility is a relocation of the existing‘Slingshot’ attraction currently located at 6 Palm Avenue, Surfers Paradise. Whilst a relocation of the use, the ‘Slingshot’ ride will be a brand new structure. The ‘Vomatron’ which is currently co-located with the Slingshot at 6 Palm Avenue, will not be relocated to the new premises.


The subject site was chosen for the rides relocation because of its position in the centre of the City’s tourist heart, and corresponding suitability with respect to its accessibility to the visitor market and compatibility with the areas active, vibrant and ‘loud’ atmosphere.


The new Sling Shot Gold Coast will operate between 10.00am to 10.00pm Sunday to Thursday; and 10.00am to 12.00am Friday to Saturday.






The application was approved on the 11 of April for the new Sling Shot location.



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Love the idea. Will definitely bring in a lot more business (to the slingshot that is). Watching people launch is going to be a tourist attraction in itself. Fingers crossed the jungle waterfall and rock work theming for the launchpad gets built. 

The current Cypress Ave location isn't very appealing. The area lacks any type of landscaping/themeing/presentation, and is too far away from the main drag. Can't see it being a draw for families in its current state. 

Glad that the council got behind the business and gave it the thumbs up to to go into the cavil ave strip.

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On 4/16/2018 at 4:37 PM, Skeeta said:

Does anybody know how old the Sling Shot & Vomatron are?

16 hours ago, Spotty said:

The Vomatron opened in 2003, not sure about the Slingshot however I am fairly sure it was built before the Vomatron...

The Sling Shot was in operation in 2004 so it opened at or before then. If it didn't open at the same time as the Vomatron, it's probably older.

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And good to see their LED lighting package didn’t even make it to opening without being completed stuffed and looking just for damned awful!

Funny how in all those years where they were before the old fluro tubes never let them down. 

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According to their website they’ve moved, so unless they’ve sold it or running it for the holidays as well. I get the new location is more central, but it’s very hidden amongst all the buildings and then tucked in an alley way. You can’t see it from the main road through surfers either.

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