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Wet n Wild updates 2018

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10 hours ago, Mc coaster said:

I just don’t understand why they can not tell us what is going on with Mach 5. It is not that hard to say we are replacing the slides or there was a structural problem. At least dreamworld could tell us what happening with their rides.

Yeah, if they are going to shut it for so long, they need to at least let us know something.

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13 minutes ago, Flynn_Smith said:

They don't need to do anything though? 

There's an expectation of customer service that's not being realised by Village. Saying they don't need to do anything and treating customers with contempt has become such a prevalent issue with Village that there's a thread dedicated to it. Being successful in hospitality & tourism is about going above & beyond and creating unique experiences and memories, not doing the bare minimum.

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