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Dreamworld's New Look Train


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On 14/05/2022 at 8:46 PM, joz said:

Yeah sweet. Are the carriages not as wide or is that an illusion?

They definitely appear narrower - but they also have those large footplates on the side too. 

On 15/05/2022 at 8:08 AM, themagician said:

Correct. Each carriage has a section where the seats are split into two and fold up, so a wheelchair can fit in there as well. All the station platforms are currently undergoing works to level them out to allow for easier access for wheelchairs. 

I feel like these are more likely going to be used for Strollers and Prams than wheelchairs, but both functions look like they work well either way.

The pool latch doors will be easy for adults to self-release but the secondary interlock\sensor ensures a better level of safety for riders (although this might mean a conductor isn't required either).

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To my understanding, there will be a seperate area for strollers.

Youre correct about the locking. They will be locked by the driver before departing so they can’t be opened when the train is moving. But once the train stops at a station, guests can open the gate themselves if they wish to get off at that stop.

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I've seen several pictures of the carriages posted around the place and there doesn't appear to be any other place for strollers. It would be more efficient (and preferable for families who have them) to load the stroller into the same compartment (and flip up a chair to accommodate it) as well as not disturbing the child in the pram should they be asleep. 

If a wheelchair can fit, there's no reason a stroller should be made to go elsewhere - and its far more efficient loading and unloading if the parents can be ready to disembark with the stroller rather than moving to another storage area and waiting for the conductor to unload \ open gates etc.

(The small flip up section likely wouldn't fit a wheelchair, but would fit a simple day-stroller for sure.)


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You could be right about that process. There were 3 carriages, but I only got the chance to closely look at one (and due to the heavy rain at the time, there wasn’t a chance to see the other two which were being stored separately). There was only one section of seats on this carriage that has the ability to fold the seats up. But I’d say a single pram could potentially fit between the fixed seats in the other sections as well

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2 hours ago, New display name said:

I can't see why you can't tow the strollers and wheelchairs behind the carriages.💁‍♂️

I was thinking some kind of "It's a Knockout!" show to be filmed at DW, with the contestants having to run prams to the next station and beat the train.


(Yes, I have a 4 at the start of my age, how did you know?)

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On 17/5/2022 at 8:30 PM, Spectrumco said:

Might just be the angle, but it looks like the roof of the Loco has had some work done to increase the height too.🤔

Its height has indeed been increased, this is too allow for screens to be added so the driver can see what’s happening in the carriages behind 

The station is fenced off again as they are working on the stations floor.

And I noticed the back of the big red car building has had a paint job to disguise what was an awful sight before


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