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    Good to hear everything is working well then
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    Have been on superman and Wild West today after there maintenance superman running well water effect on stairs section still not working. Wild West looks great but when you get to back of ride all water sprouts where you turn around not working all the wire and cables have been pulled out just sitting there will get a photo also the sign that changes when grave comes up is broken and photos not working at the moment. Scooby doo ride all video screen before lift either frozen or not working, also too bright throughout especially where the axes swing. Disco room no lasers, video at end of ride working. Scooby shop closed so no photos on that.
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    Just under 30hrs until we will get to see the opening of STAR WARS GALAXY EDGE🎊🎉 1:20pm THURSDAY for those on GOLD COAST or BRISBANE time It is crazy how late at night the opening ceremony is. Definitely expecting a good firework show as well as performances.
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    There was a lot of backlash regarding the costume comp of "professional" cosplayers turning up a few minutes before park close and scooping the prize. I do hope that they revamp it, essentially to either exclude them, or give them their own category so maybe the kids or the "non-serious" players can have a chance.
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    Dress up competition should be limited to kids IMHO, or fucked off.
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    Which is still 5 years in front of Adelaide.
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    What about those on CAIRNS or SUNSHINE COAST times?
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    They just threw labour at it to work into the night to get rivals open roughly when they said they would after that delay. I imagine if they announce a big deadline with a slick looking commercial, if it's looking like running over again on another build they'd get the lights up and crack the whip 24/7 if they could to make it happen, rather than shelve the build up like what has happened with sky voyager.
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    Which is what I think most of the attendees figured it would be... should absolutely be 12 and under
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    Like Perth, they're 2 hours and 10 years behind...
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    OMG I am so excited for this. I have been following Galaxy’s Edge heavily since it was announced at D23 and can’t believe we’re only 1 day from opening!!!
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    Looks like the carpark is still there... just heavily planted (probably just artist's impression, but PLANT INTEGRITY was a big part of their announcement, so it could be legit...)
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    I doubt Greg would have left VRTP without firm assurances as to what change he will be able to lead at DW, especially considering he would have been involved in the planning of Atlantis @ SW.
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    @AlexB DW lost the English operational manual and are now attending night school to learn Taiwanese.
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    If the pump cut off and DW didn't have a system to stop the ride, cages or no cages DW would be in deep rhino poo.
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    It's worth pointing out that the coaster layout shown in the artist's rendering is not the final product. There were three iterations of the coaster layout by Martin & Vleminckx / Gravity Group. The finalised layout is the one depicted in the scale model: https://www.parkz.com.au/photo/19332-Leviathan_model/gallery/sort/newest/location/ride-4166-Leviathan/offset/0
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    Forgot to mention how lacklustre my first ride on SDSC in over 2 years was on this weekend just gone. Was also my son’s first ever ride on it (6 years old). The new sets in the pre-lift section were decent enough but lighting was rubbish. The screens all worked including the lift displaying the MS paint level graphics well.. but after the reverse drop and mirror room - nothing, no a single laser, smoke, music, nothing. So disappointing.
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