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Movie World New Store = Speculation


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As some people may know, around a month ago the old Kodak/photo centre in Main Street has been relocated next to the Daily Planet, with the old location closing and currently being turned into a new store. Here is my question: what are we thinking the new store could be? Looking on social media, Jaggs Journeys has said it could be a new Looney Tunes store, while TSPN thinks it could be a Wizard of Oz store. 

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48 minutes ago, themagician said:

I think it should be Wizard of Oz. Great way to promote the land coming next year and it would be even better if they had a model or some sort of sneak preview of what’s to come. 

That’d be good in the short term, but it doesn’t really make a ton of sense to have a WoO store located there once the precinct opens, as it’s the opposite side of the park to the precinct’s entrance, and they’re probably gonna have a completely new one in the section itself (at that castle on the concept art). A model would be super cool, though, I really wish Australian parks did more of that sort of thing (closest we’ve got is the coasterdynamix Levi cutout). Maybe it could be extended to being just general unrepresented movies & characters, including WoO stuff for the time being, alongside other properties (Beetlejuice, Scooby (‘til it reopens), Gremlins, etc)? They would already have that with Warner Bros. Store, but that’s mainly Warner Bros. & Looney Tunes, not other properties.

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1 hour ago, Tricoart said:

That’d be good in the short term, but it doesn’t really make a ton of sense to have a WoO store located there once the precinct opens, as it's the opposite side of the park to the precinct's entrance, 

It could be very close to the entrance of WoO if they decide to open the Lethal entrance again (please do Movie World). Also with Super Nintendo World as an example at USJ they have a Mario store that isn't close to SNW IRRC, and same with USH.

However I would prefer a gift shop in the actual area though, make it so the exit of the SFC would lead you into the gift shop.

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I mean the WB department store is basically an LT store, as is the store outside WB Kids. Do we really need another LT store? (Unless the plan is to re-do one of the existing ones into something else once the photo centre is done?)

Probably a good move for the photo centre though. Back in the day a wet lab would have needed more space, dark room etc. These days with digital its far less space and the last time i stepped inside the photo centre it was a giant empty space with photos on the walls.

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On 24/12/2023 at 6:00 AM, themagician said:

TPSN shared this photo which shows the stores has had a repainted, with hints of green added


That colour scheme is very suggestive...

On 02/01/2024 at 1:43 AM, Ogre said:

I'm guessing it won't stay Looney Tunes forever and will sell whatever's big at the time - Wizard of Oz for example.

I think you're absolutely right. The space is quite bare and i'd say thats because the furniture they've ordered for that space probably suits the WOO theme and they don't want to deploy it yet (sidenote - I hope they fix that gold shit on the wall, it's all bubbly).

Given the position of this store, I really REALLY HOPE this means they're running the yellow brick road out through chinatown alley - this is the only thing that makes sense with this being a WOO store...

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