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Urgh you guys posted all this after I put my phone in the locker. Wipe out is blocked off, gondola gone, pool had been dug out. We got a couple of photos of tigers and left, I only decided to go down there this morning so apologies for the late thread.

Why not take photos of Wipeout and Coroboree anyway? Nobody else has yet.

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General Park:

Don't really think I need to add to what has already been said...

Wiggles World:

All traces of the old Wiggles combination is now gone with Emma, Lachlan, Simon and Anthony now in all images including the videos in the Big Red Car Ride. However the music for the ride as it moves from one to the other still refers to Murray during the song.


Looks wonderful.

A lot of repainting in the area with an overhaul of the Grey Kangaroo area.

There are a few small areas set up where throughout the day a staff member shows the instruments used, weapons, gathering food and de husking coconuts as well as painting.

The new auditorium looks fantastic. A lot of information inside about the different tribes...

and their breakdown on a large map of Australia...

as well as some interactive touch screens.

A large wall to wall screen as well which I dare say is used during shows but did not catch any today.

The chairlift is still at this end, thought they might have used the chance to remove it. Apparently not.

The freshwater crocodile area and outback areas have not been touched apart from some stencils...

and further information about the animals and indigenous tribes.

Some signage still refers to it as the Australian Wildlife experience.

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God I hate curlews... Worked in the Whitsundays for 7 months and they are everywhere and they don't shut up...

But they have this pissed off/depressed look in their eyes.

Are they fixing the wipeout? Are they replacing it? Or are they moving it? If they're moving it what will they put in its place?

They can rebuild it. They have the technology.

In other DW news, I did see a couple of management guys wandering around with a clipboard looking at rides and smiling. This to me suggests one of two things.

1- They're researching to see how they can add more turbines to existing rides

2- They're working out which rides are still open and how they can cut back on running them. (I mean why close half the park at 4pm?!)

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Wow look at the state of the wave at the back!! At first glance that 1st pic looked like a vine growing over the left side of the wave (fortunately not) Eureka Mountain almost looks in better condition!! But seriously,I am very glad to see they have reckognised a need for a major overhaul of one of their 'big6,7,8,15?!?' headliners - a somewhat backflip on the way much of the rest of the park has been looked after in years gone by. Dreamworld is clearly an over capitalised park and for too many years I believe this has been it's breaking strain. IMO they're better to spend on removing the shit that holds them back, the stuff that nobody goes there for anymore, rather, spend the money keeping what is worthwhile and ultimately reduce operating costs and sculpt a more positive future

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