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Eureka Mountain Mine Ride reopening discussion


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Also the entrance building to the chairlift is getting work done on it. Thoughts?

If that's the one I think it is (near that convict jail house photo op thingy) then I think it's just sectioned off atm because it's all rotting and dangerous. Then again, I haven't been there since Sunday, so can only comment on what I saw the other day when it didn't appear to be under construction... just sectioned off with blue tarpaulin thingies.

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The last time I visited DW was last weekend (Sun 29th March) and the sideshow at Eureka was open for business on that particular day. I remember they had Gremlin plushies as prizes on the wall (and thinking it was odd, as Gremlins are licensed to WB lol) O_o

I do agree it's odd that they wouldn't have it open during school holidays, as it would be the most lucrative time to do so. But I'm not quite convinced yet that it has permanently closed after seeing it in action recently. Not unless there's more evidence to suggest otherwise (ie. signs and props completely removed).

Don't get me wrong though, I very much look forward to hearing if/when it has, as it would be another sure sign that Eureka progress is being made!

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Would anyone be interested in a POV of eureka? I haven't been able to find one anywhere on the web and I filmed two runs with it, gosh it must have been 15 years back with an old school camera, but i remember it coming out pretty darn good. The thing is I was terrible at tape organisation and furthermore that cam is shot, and I would have to learn how to convert such an old tape, but if you guys think it's a worthwhile thing to do I will find it and find a cam at least to be able to play it.. any tips on the best way to get old school analogue video into a computer and what format to convert etc would be really appreciated in that case. Anyway i thought it might be cool to do cause a POV of it simply doesn't seem to exist and IMO it really is in the top 5 wild mouse style coasters of all time, anywhere in the world. It was tragic to lose it. I really hope this rehab goes through and we get to ride it again some day in all it's glory. It's actually a shame that a park as major as dreamworld does not currently have one single good, let alone above average, full circuit coaster running. A real shame.

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Noxegon are you the fellow that made all those wonderful mac emulators? Firstly, thankyou, so much.

Ok i will absolutely hunt the tape down over the WE and then try track down a cam to play it. I found out my friend uploads old school vhs tapes from an old player to youtube all the time, he has some sort of video capture system whatever that means (i'm an audio guy, no clue about vid), but since the output sockets on the vhs are the same there is no reason why he can't use the same system to record from the camera. So I will ask him when I have found a working cam to capture and convert it for me. Anyway will keep you posted as soon as I know anything. This is one of those sony 8mm tape so if anyone has a working cam I could borrow in melbourne, that would be awesome and really speed things up for me, so let me know.

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The tape doesn't look like the smaller one in this image, does it?


yeah i even remember buying some sort of converter for it at one stage so it could fit in a big vhs tape (like a shell converter) but have no clue where it is.


If it helps, I recently had some VHS tapes professionally digitised. It wasn't cheap but they managed to get far better results than I was achieving using my own gear.

Certainly won't be paying just to put a POV of a coaster up as ever penny for the next 12 months has to go towards trip as i haven't been *anywhere* in 6 years and am going a bit insane.

Very happy with the quality of what my friend puts on youtube (for example some old fast forwards skits from old vhs tapings of it and they came up great) so when i find a cam or converter cassette will get him to do it. A way to play it is first priority so i can find the tape as nothing is labeled properly. Then have to go through everything which will be tedious but worth it. That I'm willing to do, but spending money right now I just can't. Hope you understand.

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