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Eureka Mountain Mine Ride reopening discussion


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Yep - something definitely wrong there where Dreamworld makes a change and actually tries to make it fit in with the existing theme!

Of course, it'd be nicer if they'd tried to weather it first, but I guess that'll happen soon enough in Dreamworlds patented allowing things to weather naturally project.

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But they didn't really need to because: 

a) the theming in gold rush area is intended to be old/run down looking. The original boarding up conveniently fit in with the theming already, and

b ) it's for a door which is down a small unused alleyway which is mostly out of the public's view anyway. There are no obvious attractions down that way. Only way people will really see it is if they go out of their way to walk down there (and have reason to to begin with). Lately it has only been us Parkz buffs who have been keeping tabs on Eureka testing progress, and I seriously doubt they upgraded the door just to impress us ???

Obviously staff don't care what the door looks like. So I can't see them putting in such effort unless they actually intend for the door to be seen & utilised by visitors in future. 

Food for thought! 

Yes, it may be "just a door" to most. But I am an optimistic person and to me, it's a big, shiny golden door of progress  ???

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I don't think the temporary boarded up door in any way/shape/form fit the theme. I also think staff at theme parks -- all staff from cleaners to CEOs -- absolutely should care about little things like how a door looks to guests. Not because a tacky patch-job will impact a guest's day or make the park less money (but things like this certainly add up), but because an employee who is noticing and caring about things like this obviously has pride in their job and is in the business of customer satisfaction.

It looked ghetto before, and thankfully they decided to do it properly. But if we're singing the park praises for this sort of thing then the bar is kind of low isn't it?

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Who insulted who? And how?

Are you referring to Rappa's completely apt description of the guy as a Moron?

Push - i've got news for you - that wasn't an insult. That was a perfect description of an idiot who wanders into a ride envelope, out of bounds, risks his life to take photos, brags about it, then gets all butt hurt when we don't react with absolute awe, and instead shout him down as the moron he is... so he continues to defend himself despite nobody supporting his position.

Believe me - theres enough people on these boards that know who Rappa is - so there's no anonymity there.

I'm with Brad on this one. Too many 'do-gooders' who stand up for others who don't need (and didn't ask) to be stood up for. The guy is PROUD he got banned from DW. He Brags... and continues to post the pictures he got shot down for... I don't think he wanted you to stick your brown nose into it...

YOU feel upset about it, and YOU have felt wronged often enough on these boards even when stuff has had NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

Stop trying to be everyone else's knight in shining armor. It doesn't suit you. By all means stand up for yourself... but your whiny-assed baby approach to defending others doesn't earn you a shred of dignity... and each time you complain about the actions of others (especially those who are the moderators and leaders - who make the rules here) you just encourage more of us to laugh at you.

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My opinion is if you would say it to their face you can say it online. Now they put themselves out there online so it's an appropriate forum to say something to them. 

What I can't stand though is keyboard warriors who sling crap online and then are a meek little spineless wimp in person. 

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Nobody has been appointed enforcer of anything.

And by the sounds of things, the park has enforced their rules by imposing a ban.

Look at it this way....

What do you call a person who gets absolutely blind drunk, gets behind the wheel and flies down a highway doing 140km/h before writing himself off into a tree?

A moron.

What do you call the same person who gets pulled over by the police before he has a chance to injure anybody, and subsequently charged with the offences he had committed?

A moron.

It's not just the police that are allowed to give their viewpoints on the stupid actions of an idiot... the media does it every day.

Everyone is entitled to have their opinion, and they're entitled to share it, so long as they're prepared to receive rebuttals that may disagree with their opinion.

My opinion is if you would say it to their face you can say it online. 


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