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Tiger Island Refurbishment - Dreamworld 2016

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37 minutes ago, totta3 said:

They Should Gut Zombie Evilution/Kevil Hill And Make The Inside Of The Building A 3D Ride.

Themed To Something Like A Submarine Theme Like Some Of You Were Talking About.

Kevil Hill is a pretty popular attraction at Dreamworld, if they got rid off it, I can tell you right now lots of people won't be happy with Dreamworld doing that. If they were going to put a 3D Ride there, I think they should relocate it to where Blue Lagoon was and theme the area it to an apocalypse land

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1 minute ago, Santa07 said:

Theme it how to it was once a quiet waterpark, but the volcano exploded and destroyed everything.

that's actually a pretty good idea! don't forget it's Dreamworld you will have to add in a turbine that drag lots of customers in! ;) 

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1 hour ago, Brad2912 said:

is it 'Stupid Idea' day today?

Lol, sure is Brad, sure is :P. Why can't they put a 4D dark ride located Eureka's mountain simulating breaking into the Mine? They could call it AndrewH, the ride xD. But seriously, if dreamworld do build something big (dark ride, 4D cinema) they'll find somewhere to put it. 

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2 hours ago, AlexB said:

I'm sure DW will bang on about this ALL year, and have promotions about their 35th birthday, with a big fanfare in December on the actual date, culminating in the start of the school holidays and another 6 week-straight "birthday promotion"...

Birthdays are something worth celebrating and promoting.

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My comments were in response to your claim of the post being a bit early - YOU said it was a bit early - I pointed out that they would promote it all year long... so it seems like you're agreeing with me.

That said - yes, birthdays are worth noting... Milestones are worth celebrating and promoting.

But the 35th birthday? seems a bit arbitrary.

Traditional gifts for the 35th anniversary are usually Coral... so we can celebrate over the reduction in size of Ocean Parade with the recent retheme of the cyclone, and addition of a Motorsports precinct to further eat away at Ocean Parade... ;)

Modern gifts for the 35th anniversary are Jade. I think many fans, staff and management are already there with this one - being quite JADED with all the park has to offer.

Yes - you're right - 35 is definitely something worth promoting. See - 50 years, thats a milestone. 60... definitely. Even 30 would be something i'd agree with - but 35? Come on. Will they make as much noise about their 36th? Why not?...

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Wait - you found a rollercoaster with the same style of track, but completely different layout, which has also had it's train upgraded, and you think because it has a name similar to that of 'new' cyclone - you think that the name somehow relates to the style of train?

Newsflash: Hershey Park's Sidewinder opened as the sidewinder in 1991. It didn't get the train upgrade until 2011.


Please stop posting shit mis-represented as facts... and if you do persist, can you at least write it in understandable English?

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50 minutes ago, totta3 said:

This is some thing a little bit different the side winder at Hersheypark is the same train at the one at dreamworld so the sidewinder is a name not to change the style.


So? Let me point out a few things:

- That is a Vekoma Boomerang, not an Arrow Custom Looping Coaster. Completely different layouts. One is even a shuttle coaster.
- It is the 'Hot Wheels Sidewinder' not the 'Sidewinder', so they're two different names.
- Vekoma makes that style of train. Vekoma built the train for the Boomerang. Vekoma built the train for HWSW. Just a coincidence they have similar names.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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50 minutes ago, Gazza said:

When will the raft slides on the side of the Mach 5 tower at WnW get Vekoma trains?

even better, can Dreamworld get some new Vekoma MK1212 trains for the Eureka Mountain Mine Ride refurbishment? :P 

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