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Doomsday Destroyer - 2016 Movie World construction

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9 hours ago, skeetafly said:

@Spottyare you saying that a full train and a half built train was on track at the same time? (sorry I'm a bit slow & I don't mean the half train was moving around on track)  I believe what you are saying.  I can only see enough wheels for one train in the photos. 

I think we need a 2016 Movie World topic like the DW one.  But as @AlexBpointed out I am too lazy to create.

Full train was on the track as the ride was in operation, and a whole second train (well, the bogies at least) were on the transfer track.

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The unofficial back of house spy whisper is saying a second train is coming. I trust the source so i'd say it's is all but confirmed.

the issue here, is whether that will improve operations, or simply allow them to reduce maintenance downtime by running one train whilst the other is in the workshop (AKA Superman).

I do hope and pray that MW operations fully intend on maintaining two-train operation, and running it efficiently during busier periods... but i'm not holding my breath at this stage.

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And continuing the riveting discussion on Doomsgay Destroyer: has anyone noticed that Arkham Asylum has become super rough lately (or has it been that way for a while?). The difference between just after Christmas and a few weeks ago was quite considerable, it was rather violent.

Oh well, in the not-too-distant future we'll all be too busy riding the giga coaster to worry about riding anything else. 

So are the supports of DD fully erect now?

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1 hour ago, Brad2912 said:

Don't have a camera on your phone?

You'd be shocked to know I do, but I'm at the end of my data for the month so I was waiting to get home to upload pictures but here they are...


The main support ready for the arms to be attached.



The two arms prior to being lifted into place.



Moving the first arm into place.



Attaching it to the main support and motor.



Also, this was taken through the employee gate behind WWF (the smoking area). Not sure if it's been discussed before but could it be to do with an expansion or just a maintenance shed? I noticed what could be a sign behind the blue fence at the back but I wasn't too sure.

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