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Dreamworld Lego Store construction

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2 hours ago, YLFATEEKS said:

Interesting.  The builder built a temporary fence to build another temporary fence.  This might be a slow build if the builder does everything twice.

You'll love this, then... the mobile pokemon merch stand in the first pic has now been relocated near the entrance. Let the speculation begin ?

Last week:




7 minutes ago, Ashley said:

When is this new LEGO shop scheduled to open ?

November ?

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I think we all knew this coming but it's still sad to see yet another piece of Dreamworld opening history be gutted. It would've been nice for them to atleast attempt to maintain and incorporate some of the original charm into the new design but let's face it, with the amount of changes, hacks and modifications that half of the Dreamworld entrance has gone through it was on its last legs.

Instead of getting tied up in nostalgia, I do hope that this project follows in the foot steps of the Green Bean and the Ice Cream Parlour in that it has a real genuine, honest & well thought out aesthetic that brings a sense of quality & value to the guest experience.

Shame we haven't seen any renderings or information released about it yet. It's 2016 folks, every large international brand of theme parks, from Merlin, Disney & Busch all know the value in drip-feeding content and generating hype that trumps keeping fans in the dark on projects like this. Do we still have to play the secrets game because of the fear generated by the Village/Ardent rivalry?

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8 minutes ago, Ashley said:

One question for Dreamworld, WHY.

There demolishing DWs history and for what a Lego store.

Hopefully they rebuild some of the façade and not do a half job like with Moto coaster and leave it without much care.  

All things change over time. The marketplace was a relatively dead zone with half the outlets not operating, no one ever in the little retail kiosk, and the same food offerings (or better ones) available elsewhere in the park. 

The Lego store brings exclusive retail and customers to the park. 

Bit harsh to compare theming quality on a near decade old ride. Everything theme wise the Park has done in the past 18 months has been top shelf, no reason to think this won't be any different 

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Remember, DW are doing what the GP will like. The majority of guests visiting DW will prefer to have new and exciting experiences over keeping classics. They're doing what all businesses would do and are seeking a larger profit by pleasing the larger audience.

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16 minutes ago, Ashley said:

I suppose your both right I'm already making judgement when we are only a few weeks into construction of the Lego store, but its still a bit sad to see some of original DW get torn down but.

I understand Ash, I feel the same way. Its a combination of both unexpected shock (Dreamworld kept this intent fairly under wraps) and witnessing the demise of a 35 year old building which forms many of my childhood memories of Dreamworld. As a kid I recall excitedly pulling up in the carpark in the morning with my parents and seeing that long standing iconic view of the entrance building, stretching all the way over to the familiar green barnhouse exit ❤️ It's sad to know that view will never be the same again. 

Brad's right though, most of the inside of it has been underutilised for a long time now. From what I remember of late, there was a showbag stand that was always closed, and a Crispy Creme Donuts outlet which was frequently unmanned. I think the fast food outlet and the exit booth were the only two things inside still being fully used.

I'm sure I'll get over it eventually, especially as new things emerge in its place. At least I hope I do ? I just need my time to mourn over this loss lol...   

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Little bit of info for you. 

The temp first aid is the de-mountable between Claw and Main street shop, and not likely to go in to the new Lego area as it is prime real estate. A lot of remodelling to go yet and a few more changes to come in that area. 


The façade:

The facade is definitely going to take a more modern approach and not pay homage to the original.


Main entry:

The main entry of Dreamworld will remain true to it's heritage because it is a recognisable icon, some minor remodeling will occur. 


BuzzSaw audio was a sideline project to improve. So there's should be some audio in the area now. @Theme Park Girl can shed more light on that.

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