Thunder River Rapids incident at Dreamworld

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Incident at Dreamworld on Gold Coast injures 1, several people trapped

October 25, 2016 2:37pm
Emergency crews are at Dreamworld. Emergency crews are at Dreamworld.

BREAKING: ONE person has been badly injured and three others hurt after an accident at Dreamworld this afternoon.

Four ambulance crews are on scene at the theme park after an ‘industrial accident’ just after 2pm.

More to come


i was driving north and the M1 at Helensvale 10 mins ago and had multiple Firies, ambos & cops fly past me, now I know why 

Further unconfirmed reports of people trapped in machinery, with Rapids mentioned

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5 minutes ago, ashhole157 said:

channel seven news live pictures at the Rapids sheets appear to be covering something on the lift.

I think you're right - Nine has reported that it is a "water ride".

Shows how unreliable Facebook can be sometimes. I can't seem to find photos though.

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Fuck! That's horrible!

So is this the first fatal theme park accident here in Australia since the Ghost Train fire in '79? 

If this death is true - say au revoir to Dreamworld and the ride the incident occurred on (rapids or rocky hollow), since we all know the GP doesn't like going on rides that have had big accidents on them (Green Lantern is an example)

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This is an absolutely tragic accident, ambulance officers currently treating four people can not confirm if there is a death until police make comments. Raft has slipped, one person has been caught in conveyor. Currently in contact with Intamin and maintenance staff to find possible causes. Press Conference about future attractions has been pushed back.  Absolutely horrible.


UPDATE: One confirmed dead, possible second.

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This is absolutely horrible for everyone involved. My condolences to the family and friends of those involved and to staff and responders who have to deal with the situation.

The incoming investigation is going to put a huge dampener on the industry. It's going to take a long time to recover from an incident such as this.

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