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Big day of announcements... - Twisted Timbers, Steel Vengeance, Railblazer, Time Traveller!

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Cedar Fair and SDC just announced a bunch of their 2018 attractions!!!

This looks amazing, possibly the best RMC hybrid out there. Unfortunately the next IMO looks like it could very well be the worst (it still looks like a great ride though!)

Next up is a mirror image of Wonder Woman by the looks of things, honestly though this one looks better because of the awesome landscaping and colour sceme.

And finally, Mack have done it again. Mega Coaster + Spinning? Yes please. Definitely want to visit SDC now.


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So many announcements to handle in a couple of hours :o

Steel Vengeance is obviously the biggest news, very long, mighty and intense layout lining up for CP next year. The quantity of airtime is beyond comprehension!

The other announcements aren't bad either. Twisted Timbers looks amazing, with a triple camelback promising very good airtime as well. It's remarkable what RMC has achieved with a not so inspiring original layout! Railblazer is relatively short but surely action-packed. Capacity is obviously a big concern though. I'm not sure what to think of Time Traveler. I'm afraid the spinning aspect might be detrimental to the ride... why add spinning cars when the layout is already impressive, and you have some great lanscape to back it up? I appreciate that Mack is taking risks though!

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Proper analysis:

Steel Vengeance blows me away. I've been following construction and new a lot of this was coming but I'm still very impressed. First half - massive airtime hills and crazy inversions, as Tim said above it's the first hybrid hyper and that first half does make it look like a hyper. Then you get to the second half which feels very Wicked Cyclone-esque, lots of bunny hills and snappy turns, it's going to feel really out-of-countrol. That ride is certainly going to be one of the best in the park, which is a hard thing to achieve with their current coaster lineup!

Twisted Timbers I'm not sure about. Sure it'll be a great ride, it's an RMC, but I think it's probably going to join Joker as one of the weaker RMCs. This ride just doesn't seem to have the level of monstrosity Steel Vengeance has, or other RMCs such as Wildfire or Iron Rattler for that matter. Maybe I'm only feeling this way because Steel Vengeance is taking all the spotlight, but I think Intimidator will definitely remain the best ride in the park.

Railblazer looks great, and as I said the landscaping looks fantastic. I'm a bit disappointed it's just a mirror image of Wonder Woman, they could've done something original (or build the world's first T-Rex instead of building a Raptor). There's no need to talk about the capacity much, we all know it's going to be awful. And I believe this will only have 2 trains, while WW will have 3. A raptor might have worked at one of our parks, but not at big American parks like CGA and SFFT.

Time Traveller is probably my favourite out of the lot. It feels like Helix x Blue Fire x spinning. It really will be an out-of-control, wild experience. Vertical drop straight out of the station, two launches, some crazy inversions and airtime moments. I'm assuming the spinning cars will work well, since they've tested them on blue fire, what would've been nicer would be to have a spinning and non-spinning train for those who don't want to spin, but that's a minor thing. People rave about Helix and Blue Fire, I think this will become one of the best coasters in the world.

I eagerly await Knott's announcement (Gerstlauer infinity anyone?). Six Flags has a lot to live up to in their announcements this year, we've got one great ride already, but they're going to need three or four more to beat Cedar Fair this year.

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My top 10 anticipated coasters for 2018 (I've included ones we don't have an official animation for so of course this could change)

10. Valkyria
9. Toverland Wing Coaster
8. Railblazer/Wonder Woman
7. Twisted Timbers
6. Hangtime
5. F.L.Y.
4. Time Traveller
3. Icon
2. Energylandia Hyper
1. Steel Vengeance

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After the CGI rendered version above, there's now a Twisted Timbers on-ride, albeit from a non-seat angle.

Buttery smooth. The back end of this ride, with the off-bank turns, flicks and tight bends, is alluring, even if it's not the beast that Steel Vengeance is.



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