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Ardents latest: Illuminate & The Wedgie


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Is it just my imagination or do the SuperLoop schematic illustrations all look much higher and steeper than the Wedgie? I also noticed the launch chambers have an angled/pointed roof which gives the SkyBox a better look. The Wedgie's has a cut-off top. Could this have been do with available space? I really think Dreamworld and WhiteWater World need to stop installing rides which are the first of their kind EVER MADE and go with one that has already been developed and improved. Living in Australia practically every ride is new to us anyway - even if they already exist overseas. Motocoaster is a classic example - Sea World got the much better version as all they had to do was wait and see what was wrong with the original. Anyway, back to the Wedgie I guess DW was limited by the height of the tower they were using

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^ The Wedgie is a definite variation of what is shown on the ProSlide website. If you have a look at the photo below you can see the slide drops, then into a straight level portion for a bit before doing the downward spiral. The ProSlide schematics seem to show models without this (or at least a shorter) straight portion. Other than that I think the drop and spiral seem the same to me. In regards with the SkyBox, I think there may have been a clearance problem with the existing shade cloth. 0513-1_The-Wedgie_20.JPGhttp://www.parkz.com.au/photo/AU/Gold_Coas...The_Wedgie.html

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sorry for uncovering a slightly old thread but, i rode this on monday-1-WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!?!? 2-i was shown up by a 10 yr old on it... -.- 3- the ride op looked like klassen with sideburns-4 i think i had half of the line for both GR and W cheering me on to ride it :P... after i backed out and let the 10 yr old on... :P-5- i think i left my man hood in the launch capsule , and told the op as i got into the tube that i dont trust him and got the reply "don't worry ive done this hundereds of times"-that worried me. T.T all up when i find my man/lady hood again XD i might ride it again... :P

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