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Arkham Asylum: Shock Therapy (Lethal Weapon Retheme)

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It had been a while since my last visit when I turned up at Movieworld yesterday. The entry for Lethal Weapon had been moved since I last visited (it was on the front of the sound stage building beside Superman last time). There was new graffiti art work and a new set of switchbacks inside the building where the old stack of cars used to be. I also found some markings on a few of the support posts - not sure if this symbol is something from the building/engineering industry or if it's a logo for the new ride. Photos are attached.





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Just on the ads, I find it a little misleading that the ads say 'new coaster' instead of 'new coaster experience'. I realise they're completely redoing the theme, and the trains, but it's still the

"Inmates running the Asylum"? Clearly going to be Mad Max

How hasn't Spencer been banned yet.

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It's some damn ugly theming. Looks like leftovers from the Ekka, not in line with the gritty Lethal Weapon theme at all. Also, it's been awhile since I've been on the ride, but the Pontiac (black car outside) has had a (cheap) respray at some point, Some of the old cheap tyres and wheels from Hollywood Stunt Driver have been dumped near the car. The ride now is all clean looking where there used to be rubbish around the dumpsters. It used to be cool when the rubbish blew in the breeze. Now the theming doesn't make sense. Is it being rebranded to something else? Anyone notice that Moview World rides used to make you feel like you've been transported into a movie set, whereas now there's definitely less spent on theming.

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Considering the recent additions over the years and if this is rethemed DC as well, how long until the announcement they are renaming the park DC Comics World?

I think a re-theme of Lethal Weapon is MUCH NEEDED (due to its current state) and a DC theme does make sense. However once they have finished concentrating on this area at the front of the park, they really need to start looking at the rest of the park. Otherwise soon there will be little reason to leave the front area. It'd be great to see an expansion elsewhere such as a wooden coaster for the wild west
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Yea but you they would have to build some or retheme some rides to villains it might become dc superheroes australia but I hope not but lethal will be come a dc themed ride with a new train some time next year looking at mid 2012 and maybe batman replacement end 2012 which might just be a update to either a new d character or a more modern day batman

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I'm all for the re-theme. I think dedicating the front portion of the park to a singular dedicated theme makes a lot of sense. If they are to do this though, they'll need to re-theme the Gotham City Cafe (or whatever it calls itself now) down near Scooby's entry. I've always thought that stuck out a little bit, given the rest of the street is meant to resemble Old Hollywood. The other thing I have noticed, is that it wouldn't take much to move the exit line for Lethal Weapon so that it returned to the DC Comics world. This then frees up a large amount of space in China Town. I seem to recall speculation about a flat ride being installed in this area in the past - perhaps those plans are coming to fruition, just a lot slower than anyone predicted. Any thoughts on what could go here?

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Chinatown is still there. The shop near the exit that had the ride photos is long gone though.

Do you think that Movie World has any plans to do anything to that area, China Town is probably deserted now, no one has a reason to go there, perhaps they could do some Harry Potter theming, etc.....
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Depending on where you are in the park it's one of the two main entry ways to the ride, and the exit "funnels" you in that direction. If the re-theme is true though then I don't see much point keeping it. What's behind the facades anyway, anything? HP theming would be too expensive, I'm surprised the shop is still there. But I guess there's no Universal Studios close by.

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Depending on where you are in the park it's one of the two main entry ways to the ride, and the exit "funnels" you in that direction. If the re-theme is true though then I don't see much point keeping it. What's behind the facades anyway, anything? HP theming would be too expensive, I'm surprised the shop is still there. But I guess there's no Universal Studios close by.

Even so it may be too expensive but it is Warner Bro's and even though it would cost alot of money it would be appreciated by many, I know how unrealistic it is but I hope that one day we'll get something to do with Harry Potter :)
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That china town area is still the exit of LW so unless there are plans for a new exit I suspect it will have to remain open. I agree new theming would be nice but it may not be a priority of MW as they are spending less and less on theming :-( Their focus may be on completing other attractions first. Hopefully their focus will be on the redevelopment of The Batman Ride and Bugs River Ride :-)

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What's behind the facades anyway, anything?

The whole area is sandwiched between Scooby Doo and Superman. It wouldn't be overly difficult to move that exit pathway though. Extend it further forwards, then turn left to go underneath the lift hill, then left again and head back into the park. This means you can get rid of the viewing bay (I don't think people would miss it too much). Edited by ads086
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