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2015 in Dreamworld - ABC Kids World, V8 Supercars and more


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RE the 'river' in the middle of the park;


I think people in the past have sort of over done the complaining about the dirty river thing.  There was one notable occasion where Dreamworld even called out someone for taking a close up view of it and making out the whole river looked like that.  Having said that, here is what it looked like over the weekend.  


Other parts may be better of course, this is the only place I saw the river from.  I'd say regardless of how healthy the river may be, and despite the fact it really didn't affect my day, you'd have to concede it's not exactly a good look.  

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^When it looks like that, it's hard to suggest that that is 'healthy' for the ecosystem it supports - if you do, then what you're actually saying is that the park ran for around 30 years with the paddlewheeler, and this must obviously habe been very damaging to the ecosystem (which would explain (I) why they scrapped it and (II) why disney did the same thing #ohwait)

Or, stop trying to explain away your shortcomings by saying 'it's better that way' and install some agitators to stir, or aerate the water.

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All engineering would need to do is get the okay to take down the Dreamworld Corroboree sign ontop of the waterfall, fixup whatever broken pump parts exist and voila, supercheap water agitator that would take out a huge chunk of the algae present.

Let's be honest here, at the end of the day it's a theme park. If you're going to put money into presentation (and Dreamworld does, last week there was new woodwork decorating the steel supports for the Main Street roof) then spend the extra money to make a huge part of the visual footprint of the park look extra clean. A few fountain pumps throwing a few streams of water into the air would not only look great from the buffet but would help add atmosphere to the park along with keeping the water churning.

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It used to be so clean you could see the paddle wheeler track underneath. Many guest loved watching the turtles and eels in their but in its current state you can't see them (if they are still alive that is). The river also has a bad odour coming from it. It's a pity since they did some nice work with ABC Kids World only to that smelly, dirty river next to it. 

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I was thinking about Dreamworldy stuff, and I thought it would be a super-awesome idea to move Motocoaster out back behind WWW where the Thunderbold used to be (looking at google maps it should just fit), and then bring the vintage cars back around to rivertown. That way not only can we have the good ol' vintage cars back where they truly belong, but Motocoaster can finally fit in thematically with the new motorsports area. Unfortunately, this is never gonna happen because of the effort it takes to move a rollercoaster. And whats more the lack of trees around rivertown would probably make the vintage cars feel even worse off.

Just needed to get my ideas out there :P this probably wasn't really that important.

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Santa's useless Dreamworld ideas #2 & 3

Again, ignore this post unless you want to read my useless thoughts.

Shell the dreamworld studios, and use it as a dark ride. Theme it to some sort of exotic island/jungle and make use of blue lagoon. Have the queue snaking through blue lagoon and then have the actual ride inside the building where the Dreamworld studios are.

Problems with this is the big fact that they're probably not going to want to shell the studios :P

Second idea is to use the strip of land on the other side of the lake near vintage cars to build something big.

Problems - it would be pretty out of the way, however an easy fix to this would be to somehow connect this with rocky hollow by building a new path/bridge.

There's a lot of unused space around Dreamworld that could easily be played around with to make something good, or make existing things better.

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Such as:

  • Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster
  • Mick Doohan's Moto Coaster
  • Green Lantern Coaster
  • Road Runner Roller Coaster
  • Storm Coaster
  • Rock N Rollercoaster
  • Gadget's GoCoaster
  • Coastersaurus

According to RCDB, 1298 Rollercoasters in the world have 'Coaster' in the name.


Something else looks dumb now...

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Here's A Nice Choice Easy Logo They Picked.


Not to be pedantic, but may I ask where you found this image?

While I understand it's meant to be a transparent image, that background removal on the Hot Wheels logo looks very rushed, the "Hot Lap Coaster" doesn't even retain the same distance throughout (thick distance at beginning before become thin around "coaster"), and the colours on "Hot Lap Coaster aren't in unison with Hot Wheels' colour scheme. 

This is either a poorly produced logo or a fan-made piece IMHO

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