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Wonderland Sydney 2.0


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Although I question the merits of them installing a boomerang, for some there is the nostalgia value that will mean it still has its place in a new park - many parks around the world still have boomerangs... however I doubt you'd see the original model brought back to sydney. If anything it'd be sourced from another park or purchase a new one direct from Vekoma.

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Oh they'd be nuts not to install a boomerang called Demon if they were opening a park in Sydney called Wonderland, which hopes to envoke a nostalgic response.


This whole thing seems like a non starter to me.  Maybe there is much more going on behind the scenes, but purely based of what they've put out publicly, if someone told me that I could have a 50% share of the company for $10 I'd say no.  

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They need to weigh up the pros and cons of having a boomerang. Sure, it's a classic but eventually classics become outdated and boring. Something modern and technologically-advanced would be what they want. I like the idea of the launched shuttle - keep away from Vekoma and get someone like Premier to do something similar to Demon but with more modern features such as the launch.

It's like using a typewriter of a computer because it's a 'classic'. Get something similar - but at the same time make sure it's modern and not built by Vekoma :P 

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Kind of out of the blue but couldn't help in having a look around for some more info on the proposed "Sydney's Wonderland", it seems to be in a completely stagnant stage and honestly with some of the rubbish concept art they've put forward, crappy websites and a lack of information, I doubt it's going to happen SOON. I did email Ammar last year, seems like a nice enough bloke, but he seemed to imply it will not be happening for a while, and as @DaptoFunlandGuysaid, it looks like that billion dollar funding may be long gone. He mentioned going on a new way forward and that the project is still active. I don't doubt he's still trying to push ahead with the plans, and I still think it will happen, but unfortunately it looks like a fair wait before anything concrete comes along if a new western Sydney theme park comes about. Ah well, maybe we'll be talking about this in another four years, on the bright side though Luna Park opens back up in two months so we've got that to look forward to down here in Sydney. 

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