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Old video footage of our Aussie theme parks in 80's/90's

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Some classic footage I dug out.

I know this is not a video but I really enjoyed the Bermuda Triangle so thought i would post the on ride photo you could buy.  At a guess i would say this is around 1995-96. Yes i am the one going cra

Walla! Finally! Enjoy guys    

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On 25/03/2016 at 0:54 AM, joz said:

I miss the old Jamboree show.  Good video though, there is footage of the original incarnation of the show floating around, but that's the first time I've seen the second version anywhere, and obviously it's the second version I'm more familiar with. 


Also, it closed about 16 years ago, so hands up anyone who had no idea that Dreamworld used to have a musical animatronic show?

16 years ago? Wow I feel old. Two of if the three times I have been to the gold Coast parks I went to see the show lol. I was sad the third time when it wasn't there anymore too

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On 27/03/2016 at 3:31 AM, DWP said:

Wait so you had to watch that pre ride video of Bermuda Triangle every time you rode it? To me that would get old real fast as after the first time I'd be like can we just get to the ride already. Now before people jump up and down I've read the previous posts about how great the pre show was for Bermuda and how it enhanced the experience etc. and while I see how a good pre ride can help the ride and is something that is much loved by people who experienced it, it would appear tiresome to me to have to deal with that on multiple occasions on the same day etc. Now granted that people here have mentioned that later in the day that at times the pre show was skipped but still.

I'm sure some will argue that going to MW and riding Superman Escape multiple times will result in having to deal with the pre launch trip through the subway every time but for mind that's part of the ride as opposed to lining up in a queue for x amount of time only to then once reached the end of the queue to then have to enter another room to watch a video before finally experiencing the ride.

Apologies to people who grew up with this style of pre shows for rides as the norm as I never got to experience the parks until a few years ago but just my 2c on the (non-existant) issue

I loved the pre ride for Bermuda Triangle. Also loved the pre ride for the Looney Tunes river ride at MW

On 12/04/2016 at 11:40 AM, Theme Park Girl said:

Good news! My video capture card was delivered this morning, and copying my old Dreamworld home video to my laptop as we speak :) Once it's done I'll edit it a bit and upload to YouTube to share :)

I need to figure out how to do that. We have over two hours footage of the gold Coast theme parks from 1993

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What a great find @Theme Park Girl!! Brilliant , I watched this with great interest!!

Never got to Grundys, unfortunately. It looks like it was a pretty cool place back in the day, although I swear that some of those coin machines and skill games still reside there!!:D

Never knew they had a Tilt a Whirl- it looks very similar to the one at Aussie World. can someone confirm or deny that this is the same unit?

If so Aussie World profited well from the closure of small parks/entertainment precincts like this ( their Swing ship came from Brisbane I believe and the Octopus came from LPS). Its quite a pity they could not pick up the Ghost train- she certainly looked a beauty!! Anyone know of its eventual fate and of the other rides in Grundys? The carousel is also a good looking unit.

Thanks for sharing!

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I don't know what I'm basing it off but I always thought the Tilt a Whirl came from Grundys.  They also had a very small powered dragon kiddie coaster which I loved when I was like 4.  Also who ended up with the carrousel when Grundy's closed?  I think Sea World already had there's by then, so Dreamworld maybe?

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Until a couple of years ago, the carousel had been in the Broadbeach Mall since 1990, becoming a Gold Coast icon.

But while it's been in council hands for almost 20 years, no one knows exactly how old it is.

The carousel's history previous to its arrival in the mall is unknown, a mystery council records staff are trying to solve.


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@Jobe yep they definitely still have some of the old skill games in place today, mainly the ones with the powered cannons that shoot balls at the targets. I'll try and remember to get pics next time I'm there ?

Managed to put this together from the video with a bit of effort. Definitely my favourite memory of Grundy's, and the one I miss the most ❤️


Would love to know if this one ended up anywhere, or if it was just dismantled? I recognise the head up on the right with the rotating teeth from a couple of travelling show ghost trains! 



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Wow @Theme Park Girl thanks for this!!! Like you, the Ghost Rider at Grundy's was one of my early favourites - I even got chills as a kid when I walked by..

Not sure if others on here remember of the details inside? I recall a light flash and a scream sound as you entered the ride as well as scenes like a Doctor/Scientist pulling gizzards out of his Patient. Much of the ride was Pitch black with Scenes "Popping" out of the dark and punched with sound effects.

As a kid, this ride genuinely scared me as it made me jump. I challenged myself to ride alone, fearing the dark at young age. From memory, I recall seeing many couples getting a kick out of it too, assuming it was quite the date ride.

If the ride did indeed live on after Grundy's  could only assume it was sold off for parts as a travelling ride. 

This kind of ride IMO would be perfect for Aussie world. 

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On 14/11/2016 at 0:30 AM, joz said:

I don't know what I'm basing it off but I always thought the Tilt a Whirl came from Grundys.  They also had a very small powered dragon kiddie coaster which I loved when I was like 4.  Also who ended up with the carrousel when Grundy's closed?  I think Sea World already had there's by then, so Dreamworld maybe?

I'm pretty sure it was themed as an alligator.  I'm sure there's some photos of me at about 4 years old riding it, i'll see if I can track them down.

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