Wet n Wild GC - November Update

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Dominos is no more and instead the same as SW’s pizza place


The waterfall in Calpyso Beach hasn’t been replaced and still remains as a steel structure


Surfrider is looking good with its recent repaint


Aqualoop is under maintenance 


Despite closing for good the buggy’s frack and buildings still remain




Mach 5 has no visible changes


Black hole has its roof missing now too


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That ‘waterfall’ just looks awful. 

And I mean the disused Buggy attraction is so obvious, this is not an acceptable standard. 

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Was pretty sh

6 hours ago, themeparkaddict said:

Any news on bloody Mach 5 and Jetstreams ?

Apparently, it is structural issues. God knows when the demolition works would begin. It has already been a fair while since they stopped operating.

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12 hours ago, StingRay said:

God knows when the demolition works would begin.

they've removed the easy parts. the tower is much harder to deal with. Honestly - there's no reason to pull it down (except aesthetics) until they have something else to go into the same space.

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12 hours ago, John Deere said:

Well if it's only the tower that has structural issues let's hope they will utilise the old slides 

I'm only going from memory, but i'm pretty certain Mach5\Sidewinder was second hand when it came to WnW. I believe there was mention of structural issues with the tower, which is hardly surprising given its apparent age.

The slides are also getting on in years, and i'd rather they took something fresh and new, given the advances in technology in the past 2 decades, rather than try to recreate what was at best a mediocre offering.

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10 hours ago, Edward_marker said:

Interesting to see what Raging Waters Sydney is doing by removing the 2 aqualoops. 4 isn't necessary really.

In Sydney yes, Queensland no. For some reason they are less popular in Sydney than Queensland.

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