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Wizard of Oz - Movie World Arkham Asylum Replacement

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I'm not opposed to the idea in theory, but that subscription cost is ludicrous for what you get. A smarter strategy would be to bundle this in as a "premium" tier of the Village Key, and price it at 20 bucks or so for 12 months' access. At most, that's its real worth. With what they're going with, they might as well chuck a couple of NFTs in just to send it to the grave faster.

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7 hours ago, Tricoart said:

Movie World’s launched a “world’s first” TikTok Live subscription, and have promised behind-the-scenes tours of both the park & WoO’s construction site as giveaway prizes.

These people have zero fucking shame.  Must have sounded great to the boomer management team, though.

Also, reckon they could introduce a premium tier for the subscription where they get on-screen talent with an ounce of charisma?


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The trouble is, like the VIP pass\OnePass, the one-shot fast tracks, the NFTs and everything else - people keep paying them. As long as the money comes in, this won't stop.

Remember, the company is owned by a private equity firm. their job is to make the business appear more valuable so they can flip it for a profit - and the cheapest way to increase value is to increase revenue without outlaying capital.

So, monetise everything. 


Coming soon - Hollywood Stunt Driver: Top Rail experience.

Shit. I better stop before I give them ideas.

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Yes, a "premium subscription" advertising channel is a bit much.

On another topic, would WoO be a bit of a push to retheming the back of the park eventually? I mean, the western area has a log flume, which must be costly to maintain and I don't think it seems much in the way of visitors back there. There's been a fair few times we've been to the park and not gone over there, and there's nothing else! Even the kids area has more western-themed rides.

After WoO would they look at that next? Maybe remove the entire area and replace it with something else, or add a couple of other rides so it's not so empty?

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After Wizard of Oz/Flash/Scooby I can't see the next expansion at MW. It has been the main focus from 2023-2025, so my guess is the next expansion will be either at SW or WnW. 

1 hour ago, djmcbell said:

Maybe remove the entire area and replace it with something else, or add a couple of other rides so it's not so empty?

Highly doubt it, as Gazza said the boats just got replaced, so it is most likely here to stay. It is still one of the most popular rides even after 25 years, no point in replacing it. I know something in the area between that and Scooby that could get replaced though.

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West isn't likely to get taken away, but it wouldn't be a dumb idea to expand the western offering (and maybe link it with Oz). It's been said a dozen times to stick a woodie out there in that area, and that's a really good idea - fill the surrounds with a few flats like a barrel themed tea cups or something to flesh it out and give the area a reason to visit. West is currently a ghost town for 6 months of the year.

Integrate the Fright night maze sheds with the area and have them serve the park as a year-round venue for other events too.

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If we're counting the fright night sheds, there's an area out the back around twice the size of West sandwiched between west and oz, backing onto the showstage. i've avoided studio shops, roads, and all the things out the back like watertanks and it still comes in over 10,000sqm, which is comparable with the size of Oz. 

Just because there's a building there, doesn't mean the space is untouchable, and for a park that is becoming increasingly 'landlocked' (not my words) they'd do well to be smarter about how they use their space.

(it doesn't make sense to have a plot that large reserved for a seasonal 1 month long event if the park is sooo desperate for expansion space.)

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On 03/08/2023 at 9:16 AM, Rivals said:

the next area they’ll pay attention too is most likely the Villains Unleashed area. they clearly know Doomsday has little life left, so i won’t be shocked if they’re already planning for what is replacing that area.

I think the Wild West section is one of the least likely areas to be redone.  

Maybe they should expand the Western area into the Doomsday area when it goes?


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