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Fright Nights 2023


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Considering it is two weeks until the maze announcements for Fright Nights (going by previous years) I thought it would be good to start up a thread. 

On the Mazes tab on the Fright Nights website most mazes have been removed except Death Row and Conjuring maze, which i’m guessing that they will be back for 2023 (considering they were new for last year, and mazes tend to be reused across 2 or so years)


So I wonder what other mazes will come this year? I am kinda hoping for a Saw X maze to tie in with the movie (coming out Sep 21 2023) Maybe a Nun maze would be good but I’m not sure about the other one.

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I doubt Saw would get another maze considering Jigsaw was only in 2017-2018. The Nun II wouldn’t get a maze either due to the Conjuring Universe maze, however i could see an extension or update to the maze to include the movie.

My guess is there would be 2 IP mazes and 1 original. A couple weeks back fright night advertisements were filmed after hours, and i saw a photo of what looked like Vampires / Zombies (if i can find it again i will add it later.) So my guess is that the non-ip maze will involve one of the two.

IP’s i could see Evil Dead Rise and Scream. Scream VI did great in the box office and is apart of a much beloved franchise, while Evil Dead Rise also did great and is apart of a pretty well known franchise. Other movies i could see happening would be Insidious, The Boogeyman or Cobweb.

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28 minutes ago, zacsta_1997 said:

I think ‘M3gan’ would suit Fright Nights really well,  Along with ‘Smile’. But as they’re Universal Pictures and Paramount Picture respectively, I don’t see that happening at MW.  Which is a shame, because they would be hits without a doubt. 

They‘ve used IP’s from different properties outside of Warner Bros so these could also be a possibility. 

Im very curious if there will still be an Arkham side entrance to the mazes that loop back around WWF or just a one way entrance at WWF. I wonder if they could make it come back through the supervillains unleashed area so it’s still a full loop.

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17 hours ago, Rivals said:

They‘ve used IP’s from different properties outside of Warner Bros so these could also be a possibility. 

Yes they have, although most are from Lionsgate, Sony or Miramax, not Universal or Paramount.

  • Saw Maze (Lionsgate)
  • Walking Dead (AMC)
  • Evil Dead (Sony)
  • Evil Within (Bethesda Softworks)
  • Wolf Creek 2 (Roadshow)
  • Friday the 13th (Paramount*)
  • From Dusk till Dawn (Miramax)
  • Wyrmwood (Guerilla Films)
  • Jigsaw Maze (Lionsgate)
  • Halloween (Miramax)
  • Leatherface (Lionsgate)
  • Zombieland Double Tap (Sony)

*Paramount owns half the franchise, but most likely gotten from WB (WB + Paramount co-own F13)

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On 02/08/2023 at 9:22 PM, Park Addict 93 said:

Dates this year are all Fri/Sat in October plus Thursday the 26th.

Fast Track and Season Pass Prices are currently listed as the same as last year.

Correction/update on this.

Fast Track prices have increased to $149 (single use mazes) $199 (mazes+rides single use). This does however include access to "Bonus Rooms" in the new mazes (presumably similar to the old UTT rooms).

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24 minutes ago, DaptoFunlandGuy said:

What I found interesting is that Wild West is supposed to operate this year. We knew this was possible after the recent upgrades the attraction has had, but that will certainly be an interesting ride - I wonder if they're planning an 'overlay' of sorts?

Where did you see that? It doesn’t appear to be listed on the website as yet. Would be great for them to include it though with no Scooby this year. 

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It looks like there is 4 more extra escape rooms this year, with their being 8 and only recalling there being 4 the past couple years. 

I hope wild west gets some of cool overlay that involves actors in the ghost town section, however will it? who knows.

The Underground Package will involve some sort of rave party in the scooby castle as well, with only two drinks pre-paid per person. Im kinda shocked they didn’t think to add a 6th maze this year in the Castle, atleast while they had the opportunity too.

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