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Dreamworld AVPX Replacement

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I cant be the only one who thought that said Kevin Hill at first glance, right?

So were going to have apocalyptic themeing in ocean parade? Okay. Sure. Why not.

You sure it wasn't just a couple of guests in need of first aid and you just carelessly ignored them?

Posted Images

As above, it's an attraction not a ride. And going by the image a few others in the AVPX closure thread discussed a zombie theme maze for the replacement, they could be on to something. Glad it's been announced (announced first on the 27 march on their Facebook) and they aren't just letting the building sit (presuming it is replacing AVPX)

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Sounds like a live walkthrough to me, in the vein of Prison Break, Lara Croft and the earlier Mummy experience. More recently, Circus of Screams at LPM. Perhaps this will be a larger, more elaborate and permanent walkthrough? Edit: I agree with Buzzkill13 obviously.

how so?

Could have had a much better background. Edited by colliric_855
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Because nothing says "new attraction" like gutting a ride only a few years old and replacing it with something that will be, in some way or another, probably very similar to the last attraction that was there before it.

Laser Arenas are often temporary attractions(lasting only a few years with the same theme). This might just be a retheme and it could still be a Laser tag attraction, with a Walking Dead theme. Besides AVP is an old franchise now that Prometheus sent the Alien franchise in a new direction. Edited by colliric_855
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The point I was trying to make was that rather then saying "hey, AVPX is relaunching as blah this year" they're trying to sell it like it's something brand spanking new to the park. I just see it as dishonest but i'm sure they see it as justified way to letting consumers know that they have to recoup their "loss" on having to actually do something new with their park.

Edited by Slick
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So since it's closure to the release date..... that's ~5 months (since they stopped AVP a little while back) to change a laser tag arena?

Maybe they're making it done really well themed or changing the interior layout because I can't really see how it could take that long to change a couple of signs in the waiting rooms (let's say 1 week max). Then take out the big alien statue thing (or was it predator, it's been a while) say another week to pull that down (surely disconnecting the sensors and laser on that wont take that long) then maybe 2-3 weeks to remove the egg room and sensors. (This is assuming work takes place 5-7 days per week at a normal 8 hour day) so assuming the stuff takes the same time to rebuild that's 8-10 weeks, or say 3 months total. Apart from that all I see them needing is a new video and story.

So where's the other 2 months come into it? Although the more I think about it, the more it seems about right, but it's late and I've typed too much to delete it now. and this assumption is probably completely wrong, but that's all it is, my opinion and I'm not trying to say this is how it will go at all, this is not fact what-so-ever. I'm going to bed, enjoy my crazy rambling while I'm gone.

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Could have had a much better background.

But that isn't 'poor photoshop skills' thats just 'different concept' - they obviously wanted to go with the concept they did - it isn't poorly done. In all honesty if thats the concept, then i think they've done well.

Sure they could have had a better concept - but the one they've got wasn't executed poorly.

An example of poor photoshop skills would be the pictures you see in department store catalogues where they use model shots where the person in the middle has an arm on someone else's shoulder, as well as another arm beside themselves (total of 3). This promo is not an example of poor photoshop.

I'm hoping Dreamworld keep the laser concept. It is a more immersive experience than a spin-and-spew, and while it's popularity may not suit everyone, it is a unique offering that absorbs large groups at a time.

Sure a different battle theme experience would be great - but who knows what they're doing inside. In true Dreamworld spirit, the layout would unlikely change - the ramps, barriers and walls wouldn't really need to change at all. The hardware also can remain the same - they just need different models characters signage.

As for why they're taking so long, who knows - but perhaps they hadn't planned on replacing it and when the license for AVP came up for renewal the owners decided not to renew, putting the park in a position of having to strip the license quickly without a ready replacement to install instead... this would very much explain the delays. They've hinted at a walking dead type theme but there are so many 'zombie' licenses out there that it wouldn't be hard to list that as a concept before having signed any of htem up... perhaps they've been negotiating contracts for the best part of the last few months, and only now have a firm concept. They've then designed and ordered the models characters other theming elements, but didn't choose the 'express' option at checkout and have to wait 8-10 weeks for delivery?

I mean it's not like it's costing them money to have it closed - they save on 1-2 staff to run it every day, plus the power usage - it may be a deliberate delay in order to save money in off peak? This is Dreamworld remember?

Yet again though, another disappointment where DW announces and opens one new attraction for the season, that is mediocre at best, while their competitors are announcing, building and opening some massive new additions replacements.

Slick - as to your 'new attraction vs replacementrelaunch - VRTP are referring to their new additions (Storm and Mini Movie World Car Ride) as new attractions, not replacements.... of course they will - it sounds a lot better to announce a 'new' ride than it does to announce a 're-worked concept in the same space as an old attraction we closed a while back'...

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I think he meant bad design, not bad photoshop skills (he's referencing it to the designer of this image at DW who had poor imagination with photoshop and design) Yes, they could have done a lot more and it is very "stock" looking but then again it's just a teaser image, it's not ment to give much away. I'm sure the promo images will be alot better, or atleast I hope so anyway. From a graphic design point of view, this image is a background color with a few touches, some brushes, text, text effects, gradients and glows/shadows. Trainee stuff, could be alot worse. He/she did a good job for what it is. On topic.. I hate laser tags, I'm not interested if its just a revamp

Edited by buzzkill13
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Why is everyone going on about walking dead? Or Resident Evil?

If it's a zombie theme, why would it need to be tied in with anything? Zombies will sell on their own, why waste money on a them that will expire.

Look at 2050 or whatever it was (before it became M9) that was a new in-house theme that wasn't based on a show and did alright.

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Why is everyone going on about walking dead? Or Resident Evil? If it's a zombie theme, why would it need to be tied in with anything? Zombies will sell on their own, why waste money on a them that will expire. Look at 2050 or whatever it was (before it became M9) that was a new in-house theme that wasn't based on a show and did alright.

Park has most likely gone back to the same manufacturers and they specilize in themepark laser tag arenas based on film franchises(Previously they did Terminator themed laser tag). No reason to end the business relationship and go for something off the shelf generic... So most likely it won't be. Even if it's another attraction, and not a laser tag anymore, it's still unlikely to be generic. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudden_Impact_Entertainment Even most of their other attractions have somekind of licensed theme. Edited by colliric_855
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