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DC Rivals HyperCoaster construction discussion


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4 hours ago, jack.c said:

I don't really care much for Gs however what is he difference between negative and positive Gs? What feeling to they both give?

Three types of G force (And each of those can either be positive or negative depending on direction)

Lateral g force is side to side. For example when you go around a corner in the back seat of a bus, or you go around sharp bends on a wild mouse coaster, its lateral forces squishing you sideways.

You'd tend to call negative a pull to the left and positive a pull to the right as I understand it.


Accelerational / linear g force is front to back. For example when you launch on a coaster its positive. If you suddenly slam on the brakes in your car and lurch foward in your seat, thats negative. Brace your neck!


But Vertical g force is the most common one cited when talking about coasters.

When its positive, your bum is being squished down into the seat and you feel heavy. For example when you go through a loop its positive. Or when you hit the brakes at the bottom of Giant Drop, that's also positive.

Negative is what is known as airtime, for example when you go over the tophat or hills on superman thats negative because you are actually being lifted out of your seat and only the bar holds you in. At the very top of Batwing when the car changes direction from up to down, you feel negative g force then too.

Weightlessess occurs when the vertical g force is exactly zero. For example at the top of the swing on the Claw, or the initial moment of dropping when the door opens on Wedgie or Aqualoop.

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4 minutes ago, zacsta_1997 said:

Sorry if this has already been discussed before in the feed. But has there been a confirmed opening date to this coaster?  Heading to qld beginning of October, what are the chances of it being open by then?

It's always been spoken about as being ready for Fright Nights, so chances are, unless something goes wrong, Sept 30/Oct 1 it will open. 

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1 hour ago, Reanimated35 said:

Isn't that just the same as what was posted in @Richard's update the other day?

There was more work being done on it today so I thought I'd post about it. They're also continuing to lay the path at the end closest to the park enterence. 

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Kathleen Skene and Andrew Potts, Gold Coast Bulletin
September 12, 2017 1:25pm

A CACKLING Joker, malevolent on a stormy sky, opens the thunderous new promo for Movie World’s long-awaited DC Rivals Hypercoaster.

DC Comics villains from the Injustice League — Brainiac, Black Mantis and a Red Lantern are among the stars of the video, released ahead of the ride’s launch next week.

Good characters of the Justice League, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Cyborg round out the animated cast of the 45-second production, set on the winding 1.4km magenta track.

0015d500e365d95eb2edeaca2119647e?width=650Movie World has released a frightening new ad for their DC Rivals Hypercoaster, due for launch next week. Photo: Supplied

The park officially revealed the ride in June and held its first test last month, strapping blue dummies into the cars for the 115km/h ride.

Village Roadshow is hoping the ride will prove a $30 million shot in the arm at a time when overall theme park fortunes have dipped and spiralled as much as the ride itself.

The investment — at roughly the cost of two Towers of Terror — has the potential to once again position the Gold Coast as an international theme park destination.

a93121a9ad2e4e20a61ef4de2c1ef6f7?width=650CEO of Village Roadshow Theme Parks Clark Kirby at the site during construction. Photo by Richard Gosling

Ride forums and fan pages around the world have heralded the DC Rivals attraction as a game-changer for Australia.

Operators said construction of the coaster topped-out at its maximum height of 61.6m in July ahead of its launch.

A VIP event next Thursday night will be the formal launch of the drawcard, but it will open to the public before then, on an exact date yet to be finalised.

Movie World tests out it's new DC Rivals hypercoaster

The 1.4km steel structure will be the longest, tallest and most expensive ride ever built in the Southern Hemisphere.

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set on the winding 1.4km magenta track.

Even when all the information has been released, the Gold Coast Bulletin still manage to find a way to stuff it up


A VIP event next Thursday night will be the formal launch of the drawcard, but it will open to the public before then, on an exact date yet to be finalised.

But I do like what I read here

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Drove past it around 7:30 tonight coming back from work, and dunno if tonight was the first time they'v been turned on but all of the track after the stengel dive was all lit up with these purple/pink lights coming out of the ground lighting the track and supports up.

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