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Superman Escape dark section


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During the dark section at the start of the SE coaster, the train feels like its shaking and rumbling a little bit, almost simulating the earthquake you are riding through. Is this a deliberate element of the ride, or is this due to wear and tear?

If it is designed that way to give you the feeling of being in an earthquake, how does the ride do it? I wouldn't expect the track itself to be "rough" as this I assume would cause unecessary wear to the wheels and wheel housings, shortening their life and becoming a potential risk to safety. Maybe the train carriages themselves have a vibration mechanism that creates that slight feeling of shaking and rumbling?

Just wondered if anyone else had noticed it and was interested in the mechanics of it.

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the tremors are intentional. I don't think it's joins as it happens even as you leave the station ("attention, attention, the earthquake tremors are increasing..."). I don't think it's subs. 


I don't know what it is, but its intentional, constant (not just over joins), and couldn't be caused by subs (the force to do so would hit you in the chest also).

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Look I'm not saying there isn't some sort of sudder from the kicker wheels but I don't think there's any sort of track shaker... Probably to do with the coupling of the subs to the floor and transferring up into the track rather than firing low frequency waves at you.

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You want proof that a relatively low budget roller coaster doesn't have a feature that exists on no other comparable coaster before or since?

The only thing unique about Superman Escape from a design perspective is the length, speed and heavily curved nature of its friction tyre section.  You feel it immediately upon dispatch because it cranks up to full speed right off the bat so there's a lot of friction. You feel it leaving the station in the front rows more than others because the main tyres are located at the front of the station.

You feel it throughout the curved sections because Intamin places tyres on curved sections of track, which means there's some side-to-side skidding because the trains don't travel over them perfectly straight on.

Rhythmic and timed? It's almost like it travels at a constant speed with tyres placed at equal distances? Crazy I know...

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1 hour ago, AlexB said:

I withdraw my previous fountain.

it is odd that this large amount of friction doesn't cause any sort of sound, but its definitely more than plausible, now that you've explained that. thanks!

I was with you on this, but Richards explanation works for me. Just the tyres chattering on the bottom of the car. Good effect nonetheless. 

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