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Dreamworld's Peter Brock Experience closed

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The famous ‘Brock Experience’ collection of Peter Brock’s cars has been sold to a new owner – all bar one car.

Its former owner and curator, Peter Champion, confirmed that the sale has taken place and that the new owner wishes to remain anonymous.


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Wow. So much effort for such little achievement. How sad.


No, they mean exactly what it says there.  Previously a condition of holding the car collection was that it needed to remain air conditioned.  With the cars gone they won't need to spend money running

Posted Images

Jeez! I would say "that's ok as long as they will announce the major new attraction to replace it before it closes, and start construction immediately after it closes", but come on.  This is Dreamworld we'r talking about here! 

I'll assume it's staying for now. I've always been an optimist!

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Nothing in the article suggests the collection is going anywhere - only that it is owned by someone else.

They've got it pretty nicely displayed as it is at the moment, and it costs money to house and store these things, so the new owner picks up a great deal on a collection that is already set up. In addition, ownership probably carries certain park access perks. Unless the new owner wants it for themselves, or wants to display it elsewhere (which would be stupid in my opinion, since a standalone display wouldn't attract the attention it gets at dreamworld, and would cost oodles to set up)... so i think we'll see the collection stay at the park for now.

Of course, when its time for the collection to move on, It presents a unique opportunity for dreamworld to build an enclosed attraction in the heart of their primary thrill attractions area. .. which is something i look forward to.

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31 minutes ago, webslave said:

What I found interesting was that the article didn't really make anything of the fact the collection is at Dreamworld.

They're also using very outdated photos - the collection has been at Dreamworld for nearly three years now. Weird huh?

I have no doubt the park knows and is being mum about what's going on there.

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14 minutes ago, themagician said:

So it turns out it is leaving and for now will just be an events venue


But according to Dreamworld, it won't JUST be an events venue. It will be a HOT new corporate events venue (also known as an empty shed most of the time, which park visitors are locked out of).

To the average tourist that is surely far more exciting than a mere exhibition of an internationally famous racing car drivers cars and awards, accompanied by related interactive games and merchandise, no?

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43 minutes ago, Brad2912 said:

Perfect location for a dark ride of some sort to reinvigorate the park 

Now back to reality.


DW are currently conducting “THE GREAT WORLWIDE SEARCH FOR A CEO” (missed opportunity for a new reality TV show at DW.  “Dreamworld’s Next Top CEO” in my books)

Here are my top-








Do you want a temporary CEO spending DW’s cash on “Benny the Beaver's Dark Ride” with no plan for the future?  (the way DW has been run in the last 15 years) or

Do you want a shining knight/shining Dame CEO who has a plan on how to fix DW deciding what to turn this area into?

What’s wrong with utilising an empty building while we wait for the new CEO to make the final decision?

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wow an events space. Brilliant. Cant wait never have a reason to go their unless my company books a function there. They arent even trying with that post. Best to have just said Brock was finishing up and at least lead people on about what it might become. Now we know its an empty room that converts for events. haha Take away tower or terror for a sexy new events space. Take away wipeout for a crazy new events space. Make the lego store a day care. Seriously though, whats next? Make the cinema a low cost half arsed version of Disneys Soar'n...

Oh wait ;)..

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I love how they made that FB post like guests should be excited... its really become the point of where the place is just funny how awful they are at EVERYTHING.


Oh and why be dark on Dreamworld?

I dunno, maybe because they LITERALLY kill people through their incompetence.

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The Perter Brok shed could potentially be used as another Disney ripoff ride. The shed is the perfect size for a Intamin tow boat ride.


Instead of "Its A Small Word", We could get:

* Its A Dreamworld

 - Based off dreamworld.

- Or based of DreamWorks movies/characters.


Lets hope the Dreamworld management don't read this because they would probably do this.


The best option would be to create the Big 11 Thrill Rides. The Chance Rides Unicoaster 2.0 would be the absolute best thing to place in the shed.


Its been 4 years since the last thrill ride and I think they need to really think about getting another thrill ride very soon!

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1 hour ago, djrappa said:

Oh and why be dark on Dreamworld?

I dunno, maybe because they LITERALLY kill people through their incompetence.

This was brutal but true. Anyway Dreamworld already use it as a shitty event space. 


Link: https://www.dreamworld.com.au/events/venues/brock's-garage I look forward to see this space transformed into an even more shitty 'hot new events venue.' 

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