New Helicopter Centre Coming to Sea World

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Recently quite a large area of SWs carpark was fenced off, and from the recent nearmap update (May 7), we can see that construction has begun. I'm not sure if council applications for this can be found, but I can confirm that this area of the carpark will feature an all new helicopter hangar/centre for the park and is due to be completed later this year


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@westical It will have the capacity to store 4 helicopters

@pushbutton maybe the current space will be utilised for new purpose/s and to access the helicopter tours, you no longer enter the park. A couple years ago when I had the experience with a friend, we had repurchased the experience, but my friend didn't have a pass, so we entered the park backstage to actually get to the entrance/lockers. So maybe they will be trying to avoid this and will enable for all additional experiences (helicopter, whale watching, cruises, tours, etc) to be accessed in the one area

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1 hour ago, westical said:

That's a big area, how many helicopters are they planning on having, 20?

The major part of the carpark that is fenced off is about (north to south) 100 metres long. This distance is usually the minimum distance for a temporary helipad (as in, what is required for emergency landing). Given the broadwater to the west, the 30 metre width (east west) isn't so bad.

The Wonderland carpark helipad was also 100m square.

Given the info - that they will store 4 choppers, the space taken up actually seems reasonable - storage for four and an appropriate landing pad.

Just a guess on my part, but they will probably construct more than 1 pad, so that they can have multiple flights on the go. It's not always busy, but during their peak i've seen a fair amount of people waiting their turn, so the ability to land more than one at a time seems like a good business move.

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