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Just when I thought I couldn't be more excited for the event this year.. from the Sculpt Studios FB

New Maze Revealed! This looks sick!

Yes, many Parkz members are planning to attend.

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4 hours ago, Skeeta said:

I wouldn't worry about @smule's shitty photos.


3 hours ago, Brad2912 said:

and having been in the arcade today, he must have climbed up and stood on a amusement machine to get those photos - which is shit too. 

Never bought one but I would imagine so otherwise what would be the point? 

First off, I want to clarify that I absolutely did NOT climb on anything. I'm already fairly tall, and on top of that I was using a selfie stick. I don't really understand the hostility, other people are posting heaps of photos, including behind the scenes pictures like the one from Sculpt Studio.

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11 minutes ago, aussienetman said:

My opinion after having a few years off...

Mazes seemed very haphazardly strung together. In HoK we encountered one scare actor the whole time. 60 minute + wait for rides but rides were not on our to do list... at least maZes moved quickly. HC queue closed by 8.15?

Saw two stages set up. One playing music briefly, the other had nothing on it the few times we wandered past.

Precincts were not themed. Having a grouping of characters roaming around specific areas does not a precinct make. 

FN is in desperate need of a quality show to soak up the crowds. 

Before the fanboys scream - I repeat, just my opinion.

Won't be back. For those that enjoyed it - im glad for you. But for me the price tag just didnt meet expectations.

What was the best out of the 5 mazes?

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4 minutes ago, Rivals said:

What was the best out of the 5 mazes?

From my experience tonight - note as this is the first night, this will change throughout the event but as it stands imo..


1) IT - Obviously where the money went to this year and it shows.. definitely the most advanced maze they have done, Feels like you are in the films 

2) Zombieland - just outbeaten by IT - I walked in with low expectations with this one but was surprised with what they had to work with but definitely the shortest maze there - had perfect runs each time in this one

3) Doll Haus - Put my expectations a little high with this one as I was impressed with Kain last year and was expecting to be just as great as HOK - It is great, but you really have no clue what’s going on in the maze as it’s all thrown in your face, the action, queue should have a backstory posted so then it could flow with everyone 

4) HOK - I wish this was higher on the list as it was my favourite maze last year, lacks the charm I feel that the maze had last year. I was surprised with how much with the original maze was kept and not altered from the Show Stage to the sheds 

5) Leatherface - You are not missing much if you skip this one, it’s the same concept that has been done in previous years and but adds nothing new to it 



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First Fright Nights ever - My Review! Minor Spoiler Alert


Housr of Kain: First maze I did, I encountered several actors (around 5) and it was my 3rd favourite maze. The set pieces were very good and it got a few good screams out of me. Watch out for the man with a baby 😛 . 8/10

Leatherface: 2nd maze attempted, I was very nervous about this maze. Expectations did not meet my standards however. I was the 2nd person in my line and it seemed that the scare actors were not going at the right times, therefore the back were terrified and we felt nothing. I feel like this will be rectified soon enough. We werent even jumped in the whole forest area? This maze does have a lot of potential. 4/10

Zombieland Double Tap: A few good scares, it was more unnerving. A lot of sensory scares in this maze. 6.5/10

Doll Haus: This maze was my favourite of the night and boy did it exceed expectations. The set design, the costumes, the makeup and the actors all stitched up to create a awesome maze (Dad Joke intended). Very unnerving and creepy and a great use of space. I would recommend doing this maze twice to really discover the great scenes this maze has to offer. Watch out for the corners! 9/10

IT: My 2nd favourite maze of the night, with great use of special effects and disorienting scenes to really mess you up. The end is where it is fully unleashed. I feel like some scenes could have been excuted better (the projector scene, for instance) however I feel like a large amount of money was spent on this maze and you could truly feel it. What let me down about this maze was the 2 videos really did spoil the majority of the maze. I personally feel like they should refrain from showing the mazes to avoid spoilers. 8.5/10


Hell Born: Walked past 3 times, 2 of those times they had live peformances going. Fairly good music aswell. Loved the atmosphere it produced.7.5/10

Dead West: One of the best precincts due to the fact it had the theming of the Wild West Falls. Around 4 actors at any one time. 7.5/10

Baby Faced Killers: Around 3 at any one time, it wasn't the best they could do however they got a few screams. Where the clowns apart of this?? 6/10

Nightmares: Around 4 actors at any one time, no theming except for the actors and fog/smoke. 6/10

*I feel like it would be better if they made the whole of main street one precinct and gave it their absolute best?

I would highly recommend buying the UTT or Fast track to get your value of the night. I will also be doing a UTT review later and be posting it in the UTT thread.

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In regards to precincts it seems like they have forgotten what they did the first year they ever had ‘precincts’. They has the Zombieland one around the fountain and there was theming everywhere and even some of the smaller precincts were themed. If they want to have precincts, they need to theme them. Because otherwise you could just chuck in some characters and be done. Why go to all this effort in creating a story and then not really do anything with it. Obviously hell born is just music so they can get away with that one. Dead West they could add a few additional elements but not overly necessary because it’s in WWF, but the other two down Main Street. You’ve got this entire roof and cables on the facades to utilise, but don’t 

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On 27/09/2019 at 1:35 PM, Brad2912 said:

Sorry Álex, they only half listened... 



On 22/09/2019 at 11:33 AM, themagician said:





On 19/09/2019 at 7:28 AM, AlexB said:

I know it's not a big thing in the scheme of things, but i'd really like to have seen them run a wrap over the top of the intencity badging - just a couple pushups and drape would be fine, just so the head stands alone, instead of blending into the intencity branding behind it...

I wouldn't say 'half listened' - as you can see, the wrap, although it appears similar, completely changes the branding from intencity to 'fun house' and of course, that fits the theme.

Kudos to them for paying attention to the detail.

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in my opinion, fright night was definitely a step down from previous years.

There wasn’t a lot of characters roaming around in the precincts and there was no theming In the precincts.

My group were not able to do Zombieland or It.

Doll Haus was definitely the best maze of the night, Leather face we only encounter 2 actors and House of Kain about 4.

there wasn’t any shows besides to main stage to soak up the crowds so everything had a 50+ minute wait Including most of the mazes.

if you are going this year I recommend buying fast track if you want to get everything done.


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Last night we were able to get all the mazes done with a thirty minute downtime to get food and drinks with no fast track pass to the mazes- We arrived at the park at 3:30pm to start lining up at the turnstiles and were essentially one of the first groups to get IT done 


• To anyone going to Fright Nights tonight or within next few weeks 

Best order to get them done are by: 



Doll Haus 

Leatherface (if everything goes to plan, you should be finishing LF around 8ish at this time)

then House of Kain 

 We then tried to get Scooby done after Kain but they shut the queue off just as we approached the ride so we got one ride on Batwing and then watched the closing ceremony 



• As to the comments about the lack of the characters around the precincts and mazes this year I’ve seen on here, I think it was a safe bet when you are adding another maze to your line up, there will be definitely cutbacks to the amount of the characters around the park or in the maze, this all seems to be a shock to everyone on here with this, but was very well expected from the get go when five mazes were announced.

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I agree and understand, but when the event first began they had 4 mazes and there were heaps of characters around the park. Over the years they’ve slowly cut back and finally they have 5, but I wasn’t expect anymore than previous years, but even less is a shame, especially when pricing has gone up over the past few years too 

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I went last night and cause we went on Arkham asylum first, ride finished at 6.15pm we failed to complete all mazes only got 3 mazes done. Went straight from Arkham waited 1hr 15 mins to get into it then took an hr for doll Haus time that was done it was 9pm lucky we were able to get to zombie land before everything else was closed. This was first year that my group had failed to get all mazes done, when every year we have always done 1 ride first and still got all mazes completed. Far too many people let In last night, And yes very limited amount of characters walking around the place

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Last Night, our group was able to get all 5 mazes done and 2 rides. We first did Scooby as 'It' already had a large crowd and then did Zombieland and Leatherface all before 7 pm. We did Batwing which had a 30-minute wait then after this we decided to queue for It which lasted 45 minutes. After this, we grabbed photos with some of the actors and decided to do Doll Haus and then finished the night with House of Kain. Had a great night and definitely enjoyed the entire night!

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My experience was quite good last night it seemed compared to others? Without a Fastpass or anything, we were able to have 20minutes of downtime, left by 9:30 and got all 5 mazes and a ride on green lantern and batwing in this time. We also only arrived at the park at 6:05 due to all the traffic heading south.

I suggest, after coming two nights now, to complete your night in an order similar to this (what we did)

1) Batwing

2) Green Lantern (no queue for either of these rides at beginning of night)

3) Zombieland (5min wait at beginning of night)

4) Doll Haus (1hr wait but worth it; 2nd best maze for me)

5) Explored for 20mins

6) IT maze (queue looks very long but the capacity they go through got us into the maze within 35mins) - note: its not worth running straight there imo as when we did last time, it was too stressful and busy compared to going midway through night)

7) House of Kain and Leatherface had little to no queue around 9:00pm so we got in fairly fast

8) Left by 9:30-9:40 and missed exiting carpark traffic.

Hope this helps anyone attending tonight as it is also sold out :)


Also note: if buying backwards ride for dc rivals, do it early in the night as it sells out very fast for all timeslots, and the last one is 9-9:30pm.


As for scare actors and precincts, I was disappointed with the lack of actors on mainstreet and in the precincts; and the theming as well for these areas, however, I had a very good amount of actors in every maze except Leatherface (especially HoK surprised me) - might have been the time we did these and when each actor had their breaks.

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Fright Night season passes have increased to $149 ($175 at the park).

They seem to be playing around with pricing a little more than usual, the new blood splatter tees started at $20 on the first night, then rose to $25 and now $30 last night. 

The prepaid burger/souvenir tumbler meal has also “sold out”.

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