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Dreamworlds 3D Map


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1 hour ago, joz said:

Brave of them to put those screenshots on their website

At the end of the day, over a period of a decade, in order to save money on paying an artist every few years to update the cool cartoon maps of old, they’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on a mapping CMS. 

That’s not just a slight on Dreamworld’s map, it’s a slight on any park who chooses a 1:1 realistic 3D or isometric map and thinks guests will prefer it. 😂

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14 minutes ago, franky said:

Working fine here...

Edge 95.0.1020.30

Chrome 95.0.4638.54

Firefox 93.0


Make sure your browser(s) are up to date (go to Help > About in the relevent browser generally).

Honestly the website should be backwards compatible.
I'm using Version 94.0.4606.54 (Official Build) (64-bit) since I'm on a work controlled machine and they need to approve and push through updates.



I also enjoy that the map is a mystery for me. A real hide and seek experience.


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I thought the new-ish VRTP maps were bad, but this is next level hideous. Outrageous if they spent that much money on it, Slick. Why have Aussie parks gone down this path? Seems like, just as we've seen with some attraction theming and design choices in recent times, it's another attempt to be 'modern', forgetting they are theme parks

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A lot of theme parks are going down this route and I hate it. My biggest gripe is that it seems to eliminate the human factor of navigation using landmarks to get around. Most people will plot a mental path in their mind and use prominent features on the map to determine whether they're going the right way but with this 3D blob and some of the other parks hyper-real isometric monstrosities it makes it really hard for the lay person to get around. 

Its why if you look at Disney park maps they're not accurate to scale, but they have large exaggerated features that you would naturally use as a point of reference when navigating the park and there is a lot of contrast between what is a walkway and what is not. This may not be a problem in smaller parks as eventually you'll get to where you need to go, but once you to scale up it becomes a nightmare especially with Australian park hours being very limited.

I just feel a lot of parks have fixed something that ain't broke, and broken it in the process.

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14 hours ago, Slick said:

At the end of the day, over a period of a decade, in order to save money on paying an artist every few years to update the cool cartoon maps of old, they’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on a mapping CMS. 

They do however still pay someone to update the cartoon maps that are on the signs throughout the park. I’m sure they are given a file that they print from, so they can easily just continue to upload it to the website like they used to. 

I think their thinking was because this 3D map enables for GPS, it makes it easier for guests to know where they are and how to get to places. But the park has plenty of signage and maps anyways

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6 minutes ago, Im Hungry said:

I just noticed this too. It’s still semi-used throughout the site with food and retail outlets, but for the most part it looks largely abandoned. 

PS - this website refresh looks really solid. 

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Did someone get lazy with the path builder?


Paths to nowhere?


Curiously, a complete absence of the Lego logo on the store re-ignites conspiracies about the store...



FInally the absence of Flowrider near Gold Coaster's entrance makes it look like part of the map is missing. 


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I don’t mind if they bring back the 3D map, but they need to invest some serious time into improving it and making it represent what’s actually there, instead of big yellow boxes. But they should also still keep the 2D one because some people prefer that. And while we are being picky with it,

The aviary is still open, but isn’t shown


And they have removed Billabong and the Wiggles House, but the pathway is roughly drawn too


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Dreamworld offer both the online and printable maps for viewing on their website


Steel Taipan has been added to the map too


Dreamworld Map.JPG


Steel Taipan is roughly done.

We have a violent heartline roll (red), that transitions into a jarring whiplash (blue) moment before turning back into the final brakes.

They getting a bit carried away by the "Strike" motif haha.

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