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Dreamworld’s BuzzSaw is Retiring


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5 hours ago, Jobe said:

I have just had it confirmed from another source that has always been reliable for me that Buzzsaw is indeed staying in Australia and that the park is not in QLD. 
I think Gumbuya is looking pretty good at this point!! 

Or possibly another ex DW ride making the journey to Funfields?

Either or at this point, AW also could have bought a 2nd coaster for unders

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The question now is who is going to trawl all the various council websites to determine which Aussie park has lodged a DA for it... the challenge is on!

17 hours ago, Gazza said:

With the space for the element I would have done a zero g stall like on Taiga.

0:40 mark

Look at those horrible blank walls by the launch! how terrible they didn't theme those walls!

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1 hour ago, Naazon said:

Then it becomes a process of elimination.

Plans and engineering would have to be completed before anything is lodged to council so me rushing to council records was probably a waste of time.

1 hour ago, Naazon said:

Which if its not on any site where the info is public.

Just because I said the information wasn’t for public viewing at every council doesn’t mean I wasn’t able to lie to gain access to the council web sites.   In saying that If I found something that wasn’t public, I wouldn’t post it in the forums,  I also wouldn't tell you that if I have found something if I wasn't able to post about it.


What I can say is even with being sneaky, I haven’t found anything. 

Maybe somebody else will have better luck.


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It’s very interesting. I think there is more interest in WHERE this ride will go than the actual ride itself!

At the end of the day , we can only trust the info we have received. I have now heard it from 2 sources but until it’s announced officially, there is always going to be that sliver of doubt.

Even though the ride is a massive one trick pony, I am glad that it appears to be staying in Australia and the positive implications this has for the industry as a whole. This means that some regional park will be gaining a quantum leap in ride offering. Be it Gumbuya, Funfields, Adventure Park or even LPM, this is a pretty savvy purchase and it’s mere presence at any of these parks will generate positive public perception.  

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@DaptoFunlandGuyYou will find most of the tender sites are subscription based.   If you want to see ST on the tender site this is the message you get.  "Upgrade to see project details"

The only reason you could see Rivals on the tender sites is because the tender was only for the footings and not the whole project. 

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6 hours ago, themagician said:

Rumour time. Someone on Instagram commented that the ride is going to Gumbuya World. 

Someone? Anyone can comment without it being factual. I have maintained that Gumbuya is the most likely park ( and I sincerely hope it is) but unless it has some substance to it let’s treat this with large amounts of salt until an official announcement is made. 

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4 hours ago, themagician said:

I 100% agree, hence why I started the post with ‘rumour time’ and was curious to see what peoples thoughts were on the ride being at that park (if it does become true)

I think it is the most likely of the parks in Victoria. IF it goes here this is going to be a huge gamechanger in the amusement park industry of the state. This will be the first large scale coaster in Victoria outside of Luna Park Melbourne ( which has admittedly had theirs for over 100+ years 😆)

It will definitely be interesting to see EXACTLY where it ends up going. I have also heard reports that there is a new "amusement park" being set up in Perth WA and they have secured a coaster for it and that Buzzsaw could possibly be it. This could also be true but I feel its more of a long shot than te Victorian parks.

If I was to scale my bets on where it will end up, it will look something like this:

  • Gumbuya- to me the most logical destination, they have a need for another large scale thrill ride and Buzzsaw certainly fits the bill at a bargain basement price- its good bang for your buck.
  • Adventure Park, Geelong-They are certainly expanding their dry attraction base and once again, Buzzsaw is quite an attractive option. No shortage of space for it to be installed.
  • Luna Park Melbourne- This is a bit of a dark horse for mine. The park has desperately needed a 2nd full sized coaster ever since Metropolis closed and Buzzsaw would certainly fit into that footprint. The bargain price would definitely be quite attractive for the park here. My only concern would be if the height of the ride would be an issue. I am not sure on whether this would be approved by the council , however their last new ride was a Starflyer , which is a decent height in itself, so perhaps this may not be as much of an issue as i feared.
  • Funfields- This is Victoria's best amusement park and is a good combination of dry and wet attractions. They have had experience with 2nd hand rides from Qld in the shape of the Stingray from Dreamworld and the Pirate Ship from Seaworld. Their last dry attraction was the 360 degree pendulum ride Voodoo and its a great ride that is fairly well themed. There last 2 overall attractions were a new slide and the wave pool so perhaps its time for another thrill attaction to throw into the mix? Who knows, price is good and available space is not a problem
  • New Perth based amusement park- As I said this comes from a reputable source that this venture is off the ground and they have secured a coaster. Beyond that we know very little else. 

Thats pretty much my thoughts on where it could go. I just reiterate that even though the ride was a one trick pony, its great to see the ride saty in Australia. This coaster will add huge value and prestige to any of these parks. 

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