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  1. What 2nd Gates have Palace/Parques built at their other properties?
  2. It was really only the twin tube slide tower (I refuse to call them Tower 1, Tower 2 etc 🤢 )that had that issue, but that has since been rectified with additional stairs. The Proslide Towers each had one stair per ride and a separate one for fast track, the Racer/360Rush tower only had the two rides so never a real issue, though i thought it was silly splitting the 360 rush slides on each side because that introduced crowd crossover. The ugly colour scheme of the racer was inspired by NSW surf club cap colours. The park had the wrong concept from the ground up, it was heav
  3. Compare the design of the tower with the bracing at the base, the method for hanging the seat, the "hamburger" thing that forms the central hub etc. Points to SBF Visa. Could well be a taller version. The trident and the height above water wouldn't be enough to make the 32m model reach 42m As per the description.... (Towering in the heart of The New Atlantis precinct, defy gravity as you soar and spin freely 42 metres above the realm of the utopian destination)
  4. $10,000? Seller is having a laugh.
  5. SBF Visa by the look of the renderings. @HussRainbow87 the prospect of a genuine 80m star flyer sounds good. Do you think we will continue to see more of these smaller pop up "State Fair" type carnivals happening this year too? Obviously they were borne out of Covid causing the capital city shows to be cancelled. But to be honest, I think we should have more of these free admission carnivals happening everywhere (As you see in Germany and the Netherlands). Seems a waste to have large rides that only get used like 4-5 times per year at the main captial city shows.
  6. I guess because it's a much simpler ride so would start later?
  7. The one I'm most interested in is Big Dipper because of the uniqueness of it....I've got no idea what a single rail coaster is going to feel like and the RMC ones look wild at least. I think Steel Taipan will end up being the best. Leviathan will be good but I'm worried about the roughness complaints Mine Blower had as soon as it opened.
  8. So for the coasters opening next year, which are you most looking forward to and which one do you think will be the best?
  9. ^Imagine riding Gold Coaster if the queue was anywhere near the spiral.
  10. Probably not worth hyping it too much with covid ongoing and interstate travel still on shaky ground.
  11. I wouldn't rule anything out. It might have not been worth it for MW to overhaul, not for any technical reason, but simply because it's been around in the park for ages with declining popularity. But in a brand new location, the cost of a new train and new systems probably would be worthwhile since it's a brand new attraction. Could well turn up in Asia or India like many other older Vekoma rides.
  12. Hey so if users checking wait times outside the geofence would cause performance issues, then how are they dealing with the load of "gatekeeping" requests from outside the park. It's a few kb of text data data that could be on the park website anyway, you make it sound like they are streaming video. Personally, I think it should be available. If they have already sold the pass then there is benefit in smoothing demand because the park getting smashed is not ideal, whereas if visitors were spread fairly evenly throughout the year, you're soaking up idle capacity.
  13. For some reason I thought it was a choice between Terminator and Backdraft, both had a short wait so I was just using it for the sake of it, except all I ended up doing is bypassing a 20 min wait on Backdraft instead of a 1h wait on Hollywood Dream I should have.
  14. I think in the end the Express 7 Backdrop one worked out the best since that's the most limited capacity attraction and it included the Potter Attractions (Flying Dino and Space Fantasy having single rider anyway made it seem pointless to fork out to skip those) But yeah you are stuck with rather pointless fast tracks like Jurrassic Park / Terminator and Jaws / Spiderman Only hiccup was I wasn't paying attention for the part where you pick between Hollywood Dream Vanilla / Backdraft, and accidentally wasted it on Backdraft 😮
  15. Landscape version for those who don't like the portrait version
  16. Would the 5 hr wait be because they are opting to give less capacity to VC?
  17. I've heard good things about the Canadian film, maybe that would be a good one to bust out during Winter Wonderland?
  18. In terms of the other Wiegand ones in Australia -Samford Grass Ski park -Kinkuna Country Lakes Entrance -Mermimbula Magic Mountain (I've done this one but forgot it, its probably somewhere equal with the Jamberoo ones) -Lakeside Lesiure Park Adelaide
  19. Flood away, never be afraid to post actual rich content! Have moved them here.
  20. A year overdue, but with Brisbane in lockdown this weekend it’s time to finish my Japan writeups. It’s kind of a bucket list thing but not really (if that makes sense) but I spent Christmas day 2019 at Tokyo Disneyland. https://www.parkz.com.au/attraction/tokyo-disneyland (Lots more photos in the above link) Prepared by our day at Disneysea prior, we again were there bright and early, to not quite the level of crowds. I employed the strategy of getting Monsters Inc fastpasses whilst sending mum and dad to wait at the entrance to Poohs Hu
  21. Would you be able to add more links, images etc to your opening post? it's kinda bare and half baked at the moment.
  22. I went on a bit of a road trip around regional NSW and rode a couple of toboggans, and broke a 1 year coaster drought, amongst other sightseeing. -On new years day I visited Corin Forest, which is a 40 min drive out of Canberra on a winding, but surprisingly fun road. https://www.parkz.com.au/attraction/corin-forest Due to Covid they were running the Toboggan in 1 hour slots, which was actually awesome because it was like an ERT session, and you didn’t have to get off. The ride is on the wild side, the sleds don’t have governors, the track is steep, and t
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