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Jungle Rush Coaster


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33 minutes ago, red dragin said:

The actual chassis (disregard the body) would travel the same route, based on the animation by WallyWorld. 

Yes, but that includes both directions/orientations, so having it only suitable for one seems rather backwards (mind the pun).

33 minutes ago, red dragin said:

The stills posted above aren't clearing this up either, as the brown train has a bumper, but the green train appears to be on a jig still. 

If the addition/lack of a bumper is the limiting factor, I highly doubt it won’t have a bumper of some form on both the front and back of the train, as they’re seemingly commonplace even on trains that only run forwards. Also, the current obvious front ‘bumper’ that’s shown on the brown train mightn’t actually be the bumper, therefore not ending up present on the coaster itself.


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Agree that it should work in both directions, but it's a matter of have they actually designed it that way?

All the PLC on the track, brake and tyre drive contact points etc all need to be considered in the design. Also approach angles for any parts that might interact (or aren't meant to). There's a fair bit of engineering required.

And complexity adds additional points of failure. They don't want a dud ride that's always failing. 

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On 04/05/2024 at 9:44 AM, red dragin said:

Agree that it should work in both directions, but it's a matter of have they actually designed it that way?

I think you're both arguing a different issue.

  • The chassis will travel in both a forward and backward direction during the operation of the ride regardless of which train \ orientation it is. 
  • Sensors around the track need to be positioned in the correct place to detect the trains. 
  • It is not cost effective to duplicate sensors around the entire track to detect a chassis facing the opposite way.
  • they are not doing that. each chassis has sensors \ detectors etc in the same position. 
  • When the track direction reverses, that section of track has the sensors positioned to account for that.

So for example, say the PLC sensors are positioned on the RIGHT side of the station, in direction of travel *regardless of whether the train faces forwards or backwards).

After the first switch, where direction of travel changes, the sensors are still on the same 'side' of the track, but as the direction of travel has changed, from that viewpoint, so have the sensors and they are now on the 'left'

After the next switch track, direction of travel changes again, and therefore, the side the sensors are on (in relation to the direction of travel) also changes, but they are still on the same 'side' of the train.

*caveat to this is that on some rides, some PLC sensors are not shared \ used by both trains in a multi train operation. They are uniquely placed in order for the ride control system to detect *WHICH* train is present. Easy enough for the ride to know if sensor A detects a train, it is train A, and if sensor B detects a train, it's train B. 

I hope this all made sense. 

Math Lady / Confused Lady | Know Your Meme

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Yeah, what I was trying to get across is that both chassis will follow the exact same path, and it will just be the body on top that would be facing different directions. And because of the sensors, it probably isn't possible to just loop that indoor section. 

Theoretically, you could swap bodies between chassis (depending on how they mount of course)

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yep, and that's likely the case, but since that loop is a closed loop, you could get away with not needing sensors in that area at all - given the start and end is the turntable, and the turntable would need to accommodate sensors for the train facing both directions, you could potentially program it that way, though I see very little reason for doing so.

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On 03/05/2024 at 6:22 PM, TBoy said:

Just looking at that GIF, lets say the ride goes up the turntable and around the red part then back up the turntable, would there be an option to make it go to red again and make it loop as long as they want? Would be good for influencers making a "who can stay on the rollercoaster the longest" video.

You can't get off Mr. Bones' Wild Ride | by Nadir Chioino | Medium

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On 17/05/2024 at 1:54 AM, Ogre said:


I spy a turret and bridge just north of the plane. It would be great if some sort of walkthrough can be intergrated into the area ala the Deep in Africa Trail in Phantasialand

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11 minutes ago, ShakeShack said:

Would've been nice if we could see more than 3 shots from the same angle though. Give us that juicy BTS like what we saw with the Flash perhaps?

let’s not start complaining already, Flash went vertical and we didn’t even know the name or theme. give them time.

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