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Dreamworld’s Ocean Parade Expansion 2023


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Everything i've seen of this Octopus is a hit, and i'm surprised there isn't more media and discussion here about it, honestly.

The interactivity is cool, but - and especially since they have an 'auto' mode - I worry that that will be the default setting once the initial novelty wears off.

I also thought they'd have a high pitched, fun voice, rather than a Jamie Dunne wannabe. I wonder if they could have invested in a voice changer to try and homogenise the voice regardless of the person behind the controls...

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Control room.



I like the idea but Cal needs to get off the smokes and the name is dumb.   Why not go a gender neutral name so Cal could have a female or male operator.  Also the interactive screen in the area is a big fail because you can't see for half of the day.

Overall, for a splash pad, DW has done a good job.   



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8 minutes ago, New display name said:

Why not go a gender neutral name so Cal could have a female or male operator.

I agree with most things you've said here except the quote above. 

Cal is short for 'Caleb' or 'Calvin' (also Caledon - see: Titanic) and probably a few others.

Cal is also short for 'Callie' or 'Callista' and a few lesser known as well.

So gender is not an issue here. Just the Agro-vation style voice.

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1 hour ago, New display name said:

Not to many 4 year olds have seen the Titanic.  We need to keep in mind who the splash pad is for.

Yes we do - the audience for this octopus isn't going to assign gender to an octopus based on a name. the name isn't obviously masculine or feminine, it's an ocean related pun that is clever (and a bit dark if you consider what CAL-A-MARI is) but theres certainly no overbearing gender assigned to it.

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1 hour ago, New display name said:

The name of a squid?

Hey kids! I'm Calamari. You know, that seafood staple you get when you catch, kill, skin and gut a squid before chopping it into pieces (usually rings), dredging it in batter or eggwash and breadcrumbs and then plunging it into crazy hot oil and served with aioli. 

But it's ok - i'm not going to get deep fried, i'm an octopus!


Like many kids things, it's best you don't invest too much time thinking through the realistic applications. 

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