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Arkham Asylum: Shock Therapy (Lethal Weapon Retheme)

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Just on the ads, I find it a little misleading that the ads say 'new coaster' instead of 'new coaster experience'. I realise they're completely redoing the theme, and the trains, but it's still the

"Inmates running the Asylum"? Clearly going to be Mad Max

How hasn't Spencer been banned yet.

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That reminds me of those 3D Cardboard cut outs you see in stores. Like a standee of a building. Yeah..not very good. Dissapointed..

Reminds me of a facade you'd see on a travelling ghost train at a show or carnival. Something that can be packed up and then re-assembled easily
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Seriously Spencer, quit with the stupid posts ok. You've been told enough times to stop and it's beginning to get ridiculous. Saying kujotess is 'high' or whatever, was uncalled for, he was just reporting back on what someone said on the MW FB page.

Edited by Gazza
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Seriously Spencer, quit with the stupid posts ok. You've been told enough times to stop and it's beginning to get ridiculous. Saying kujotess is 'high' or whatever, was uncalled for, he was just reporting back on what someone said on the MW FB page.

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New Facebook profile's looks great, love the design of the film strip going onto the profile picture for Movie World. Much better then Dreamworld's profile. Same goes for Sea World's awesome sea theme and Wet'n'Wild's tropical theme, looks much more professional then they did before. post-29097-0-24073400-1333069319_thumb.p post-29097-0-65627000-1333069496_thumb.p post-29097-0-39777600-1333069505_thumb.p Same goes for Sea World Resort and Outback Spectacular's profile's.

Edited by kujotess
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Went to Movie World today and we were evacuated out of the Scooby Coaster and into the Arkham Asylum area. Its looking nice but still having work done!

^ It wouldn't surprise me if they leave China Town and open the ride with that entrance blocked off.

Yep. We walked through the China Town Alley to get back into the park and it's still unchanged. Would say that's what will happen! Edited by Jdavidsononcapri
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Things are never fully finished at the parks, its something the parks are best at doing. As long as the primary parts of the new areas are done they will still open it, even Universal and Disney do this every now and then. It is also harder for the Aus parks because if they need parts for theming it needs to go around the world to get here.

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    • By Ejsworld
      So a little later after creating the Green Lantern, I decided it was time to start on the Superman Escape. This would be were the true fun would begin. Now, I've built this coaster a number of times in the past. But every time I build it, I just feel like it doesn't look how it should look with the right angles and such. So the hardest part about this coaster was mostly, just the curves and well, everything. I started designing this moc around just a few or so weeks after the GL. And the coaster was really just the coaster when I started the process. See when I start a coaster, I start a bit of the coaster, then the cs, coaster, cs, coaster and so fourth. But with this build, I just built the whole thing first, then started adding the cs along with it. So I'm going to include some pics of what it looked like in the making of the coaster. And don't worry, these are full vanilla pics from my pc. (copyrighted) But that's all for me, now it's time for you to tell me what you think on the coaster, and what more could be done to it.
      And here is the video to let you see what the finished product is like. XD Hope you enjoy..........          "NOTE" I'll be making an update for all the coasters before my next build begins. (sorry for the poor music on this video)
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      Hey I'm new here but been following the construction at MovieWorld on Parks for awhile.
      saw this today thought you would all like to see  

    • By Klatella
      *STILL IN PROGRESS* This is not a recreation of Movie World Gold Coast this is a Theme Park based on Movie World but focused on the world of DC Comics. 
      Front entrance of the park

      Close up on the ticket booths

      The big entrance into the park 

      DC Comics Store found near the entrance

      Superman Ultimate Flight Building (not to be confused with actual ride Superman ride in real life) 

      Track of the Superman ride

      Close up of the Doomsday Ride

      Zoom out of Doomsday ride including Daily Planet and Villains Area

      Bizarro Ride Entrance

      Bizarro Queue and Ride Zoomed out

      Sinestro FreeFall of Fear Ride Entrance and freefall top

      Stunt Show Area

      Villains Unleashed 4D Entrance and Inside

      The WB Water Tower and Hollywood Stage n' Street Show area behind the DC Comics store next to the Superman Ultimate Flight

      Gotham City Cars Building (in Gotham Area)

      The Penguin Plane Escape 

      The Dark Knight Building 

      Track of The Dark Knight

      Side Street next to the Dark Knight

      Exit and Store of the Arkham Coaster

      The Arkham Coaster Building and close up entrance

      Side Buildings with Gotham Grill next to Arkham

      Batman and Batmobile area for photos in front of Joker Chaos Coaster 

      Joker Chaos Coaster (not to be confused with the real life one at Six Flags)

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