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Hi Alex, I understand your frustration. I can tell you one thing that we have zero control over what this site does or how they carry out their buisness. Richard I believe is the man, he is very stron

Alex, this particular ad is getting phenomenal traction and yes people will always have their point of view and preference. We felt putting Clark in front of the camera was appropriate and in the curr

I’ve read enough of his style of writing that I’m not even going to doubt that this is Bikash. It 100% is. For the record, regardless of any difference of opinion or personal feeling, having a VR

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Dreamworld have updated their COVID page with what attractions will be not be available on reopening, no real surprises. 



As a part of our approved COVID SAFE Plan, the following attractions and activities will be temporarily unavailable upon opening:

  • Gamesite Arcade
  • Mad Jungle Jam 
  • Play School Art Room iPads
  • Corroboree Face Painting Experience
  • Corroboree Virtual Reality Experience
  • Animal Experiences
  • LEGO Interactive Building Area
  • LEGO Mini Figure Station

*This list does not include attractions under scheduled maintenance and is subject to change without notice. 


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The only thing that's surprising about that is the arcade, as there are arcades that are open, and what's the difference between that and something like dodgems or tailspin? Otherwise not surprising really. Think it'll be a few rounds of eased restrictions to get everything back on track.


Also controversial, I'd totally give them a pass for waiting till September to reopen WWW. I'm still totally of the opinion that the water parks should be open year round, but this year I'd be OK with it. There are no tourists from Victoria or NZ to give the full Gold Coast experience to, the only people up at the moment are locals and we ain't swimming. WnW opens soon enough and by the time WWW is ready to reopen WnW will have most of its stuff opened too.

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4 hours ago, Tim Dasco said:

So batwing just broke down and Scooby is still closed. Movie world currently only has 2 major rides opened Rivals and Justice league. 

Thank god our parks are only open for locals who have a pass right now..

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