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Luna park 9 new rides construction


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Food costs don't seem as dramatically expensive as the GC parks but it's hard to compare since I haven't been in a while. I think it's about standard for what you'd expect at a theme park.

Legit though the season pass price only exists for people like myself who want to experience their new attractions and come back for Big Dipper later in the year/next year. I'd say they will get one season at this price and renewals will dramatically fall come next year. I expect it to be much cheaper over the next 12/24 months.

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47 minutes ago, StingRay said:

In park artist, Ashely shared this on his Instagram. Looking good. Nice to see the nod to the original with the ride vehicle and mural. 

Looks like the original murals are still in existence. 


Thats awesome!! Great to see. Incidentally, Luna Park are still working on a timeline for a Boxing Day Opening for Big Dipper. It should not be too far away in any case and hopefully will be ready before New Years in any case

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It would be nice to see a vehicle from the second Big Dipper as well but the shells for the Cyclone were binned when replaced a few years back so it's very much wishful thinking on my part.

Now if only they could turn that attention to what's at Maloney's Corner. The presentation for what I've seen so far for Big Dipper versus literally everything else is night and day.

I was at the park yesterday and yep Boxing Day is still the plan at this stage. Given that people have ridden the coaster I would say that it should be ready for then.

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Got my first rides on Boomerang and Sledgehammer yesterday. Boomerang was decent enough, a family-friendly ride that still packs some thrills for all ages. The backwards element is quite fun, and the first turn out of the station does pull a few forces.

Sledgehammer was the major disappointment. I know they're not running 360 cycles at the moment and I'll take that, I can always come back when it's running properly again, but those restraints are just not nice at all. I'm a tall guy, but not abnormally tall (6'1"), and I'm cornstalk thin. But attendants had to come around and staple me to get the restraint low enough, and it KILLED my shoulders. It's something about the seat angle with not enough room under the shoulder restraints. I'm actually glad it didn't do a 360 cycle because that would have HURT.

The bottom of the gap in the shoulder restraint is also not wide enough to accommodate a human head, so you have to sit back in the seat when the automatic restraints raise and lower or you'll end up with a nice concussion as a souvenir.

I won't comment on the ride experience because I know I only got half the deal and it'll run longer cycles once these teething issues are worked out, but overall I did not feel compelled to go back. We went for second rides on Hair Raiser and Boomerang instead.

Also, general note, I see what you all mean about the temporary fencing and general unfinished feel of Luna Land. That and the fact that Little Nipper was closed for the whole day (not sure on the reason why so no comment). I guess they'll find their groove with the place after a while. Good additions in terms of the rides themselves though!

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6 minutes ago, Jim said:

Aww man we almost had a looping star? 

Yeah we got Geronimo instead, but still, looping stars slap.

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Park artist Ashley posted some more photos of Big Dipper to his Instagram, including one of park staff on the ride:





The queue seems to include photos of the ride. It's hard to make them out exactly from this one shot but hopefully there are also photos of the past Big Dippers there. Super pumped for when this thing will open!

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27 minutes ago, Yyosh said:

The queue seems to include photos of the ride. It's hard to make them out exactly from this one shot but hopefully there are also photos of the past Big Dippers there. Super pumped for when this thing will open!

Yeah it does look like it, but it seems to be the same photo over and over. Honestly it looks a tad tacky (especially in comparison to the murals and signage in the big dipper facade) and some minimal queue fencing would have been nice in that queue (such as the red they have in the exit) although I see why LPS wants to prevent an idiot from walking into the ride envelope

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14 minutes ago, Ranger said:

Why would LPS only post a partial POV when in the media kit they have a full one?

Good question. The one in the media is quite good- no loss of quality. That should have been the one uploaded!!


By the way the LPS website has now confirmed a Boxing Day opening for Big Dipper. Who is keen to ride the first day??

Also the ticket info has been updated as well. A full day pass in January allows you unlimited access and rides between 10am and 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays , 10am to 6pm Weekdays and 10am to 9pm Sundays. This represents pretty good value and allows for a good span of hours to experience all the new rides both in the day and at night.

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18 minutes ago, Gazza said:

Probably to hide the construction stuff seen on the first launch.

Also DAE notice the fake wheels are off:


Yeah I did see that. Presuming they will be reinstated for the opening.  The reason for the shortened video is that this vision is used on the LPS website under the Big Dipper banner- no need to have a full POV here. I am guessing the full length ride video will be released at some point in the future.

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The full POV has now been uploaded to youtube:

I visited the park today and sadly from the ground the ride does look to be quite rough (there was a lot of shaking during the Sidewinder). Hopefully the layout can make up for this as it looks to be a great ride regardless. Wild Mouse was also testing so I'd expect to see it back open again soon.

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