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From DW's LEGO Store webpage:



Not that you need another reason to get to the opening, but there will be an exclusive gift with purchase* for a limited time only. 

The limited edition gift with purchase is only offered by LEGO® when a new LEGO Certified store opens.

Limited stock available.

*Spend $199 or more in one transaction. Limit to one set per customer. While stocks last. 


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On 1/25/2017 at 10:45 PM, themagician said:

I noticed that too @Slick when I visited this afternoon, and thought, what was the point in it. It looked fine before with just the fencing, but now it's ruined it. So far that is my only dislike in the space

@YLFATEEKS covered this quite well in his explanation that it is a requirement that the ambulant \ assisted \ disabled \ whatever bathroom needs to be screened from general view. In time, it will hopefully be just vinery, but until they grow in, the screening is required.

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1 hour ago, reanimated35 said:

Yeah I just had a quick look at a Lego site, wasn't sure if that was au or us though. 

Now to device if $500 is worth it haha


Well realistically lego appreciates in value better than stocks or gold so it is always worth it...

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Great queues for the LEGO Store opening! I did not expect queues of that length & duration especially after the events of last October. Just a thought -  if these queue lengths or level of popularity continue more regularly than anticipated prior to 10am, does anyone think DW has considered the possibility of guests 'entering' DW via the LEGO Store instead of the main entrance from now on due to the 9am opening & how to deal with that? As it's likely that DW would have expected guests to treat the LEGO Store as an 'exit' from DW.

In other words, instead of guests entering DW at 10am & leaving at 5pm by spending an hour at the LEGO Store, guests instead would be visiting the LEGO Store for an hour at 9am & visiting DW from 10am to 5pm before immediately the property after 5pm. What do other forum members think - would you go to the LEGO Store at 9-10am or 5-6pm?

Also, does anyone know yet how they prevent people entering DW without a ticket? With crowds like that, it would be interesting how they managed access to DW via the LEGO Store.

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My first point is do you work for the Bulletin? October was 4 months ago, and the Lego store largely caters to its own market, so why bring up October??!!!!

I seriously doubt that the Lego store will become an alternate entrance to the park. That would require more staffing, and make ongoing crowd control an issue for those just looking to access the store and not DW. This store is as much a separate entity as it is part of DW, so I doubt they'd want to p*** off their customers who are trying to shop with an entry line snaked through the outlet 

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