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Your theme parks. The fuck does that even mean? Why is having the same nothing slogan on each parks website a good thing? Why is there such a crappy cheap ugle fence around the chopper? Also why not a branded helicopter? And in the current climate of OH&S overreach, why is the fire hydrant now in a fenced off area? 

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1 hour ago, Jordan M. said:

According to Flight Aware it’s not even one of SW’s usual helicopters, which would explain the lack of branding.

VH-SWX and VH-SWL are the usuals.

And it only landed yesterday. Probably due for a major service so being stored until needed? Or in the area to be used at the V8 Event in a few weeks time. 

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Now available at Dreamworld...

optional safety features!!

ABC Ferris Wheel... 

“seat belts are optional Guys, use them if you wish” 

hmm.. then why are they even there??

hopefully soon we can choose between a log with a roof or one without one..

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On 17/10/2019 at 8:49 PM, Sarahscott said:

A wooden structure with a water fall feature has returned to the Wet N Wild lazy river. Not the same as what they had but it's better than nothing. 

Are you sure because looking at this satellite image from a month ago, nothing is there still


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For those that wonder why many structures got knocked down Including The lazy river fountain, Scooby Doo Spooky coaster queue castle, Rocky Hollow log ride cave etc. It did not comply with the National Construction Code / Building Code of Australia as they changed the fire FRLS. 


this was not village roadshows or ardents decision. 

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11 minutes ago, Sarahscott said:

National Construction Code / Building Code of Australia as they changed the fire FRLS. 



The NCC cannot force you to update your existing structure to the current standards.  If they did nearly every structure in Australia, more than 10 years old would require changes.

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The new NCC 2019 version that come out is for any new buildings, this is what got sky voyager caught up cos they started the paperwork process after this fact. It would be a WPHSQ decision to force them to comply not a NCC issue. The only reason a building would be forced to comply with updated regulations is if you do major renovation work. 

(NCC Stands for National Construction code for those wondering)

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The new NCC 2019 had nothing to do with SV delays.  I'll put in context.

Imagine you’re building a house and you get the building approvals and the builder builds the house.  Sometime from the start of the building process and until you get a final inspection a new NCC comes out.  Say the new NCC requires 4mm glass instead of the 3mm glass that was approved to be installed when you received your building approvals.  Does anybody believe they would tell you to replace every window in your house?  The answer is no and that’s because the NCC isn’t retrospective.  The day the plans are approved is stuck for ever.((98% of the time))

Up to the current NCC a new NCC came out every year since 1998 right up to 2016.  It’s crazy talk to believe or think that the NCC requires every building ever built to comply to every new change.


Here’s the but.


The Queensland Government has the power to overwrite the NCC.  (more or less) and the power to add to it.


The last version of the NCC was 2016

The GrenFell Tower fire happened in 2017.

The new version is NCC 2019 from the 1st of May.

The theme parks removed the items before the new version of the NCC came out.

After the fire and it was apparent there was a problem the Queensland Government did an audit on all of its buildings.  After the QLD Government realised how widespread the problem was the QLD Gov legislated that all private/public structures go through a 3-stage review on cladding items that might be a fire risk.  If the states waited for the NCC to do their own changes to the building code, then it would’ve only been done a few months ago.

In a matter of fact, by QLD law, the unsafe cladding doesn’t have to be replaced unto May 2021.


While state authorities grappled with problematic cladding, some property developers and owners took pre-emptive action to replace the cladding that they know, or suspect, falls foul of the new standards.


I'm not going to say anymore on the matter because I'm putting myself to sleep. :)


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3 hours ago, Sarahscott said:

@Brad2912 were the restraints on the Ferris Wheel actually optional? Because I am hoping they take them off from Shock Wave as it's down for maintenance at the moment. 

They were optional. But think you’ll find restraints in an already enclosed capsule that travels at about 1km an hour may be assessed differently in terms of necessity to those on a thrill ride 

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