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Coasters you have been on that no longer exist

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Turbo Mountain, Thunderbolt, Eureka Mine Ride, Corkscrew, The Chipmunk, Panasonic Alpha 8 (Singapore).

Can you count Thrillseeker if it is still running as the Taipan in Victoria?

(or not as the case may be).

Does that mean you can count the earlier versions of TOT, Space Mountain, Runaway Reptar Rollercoaster, The Wild Mouse (at the Perth Royal Show) and LW?

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Nah they are just name changes the actual ride is still in existence.

Mine are-





Bush Beast



Space Invader 2(Blackpool)

Metropolis (LPM)

I would have loved to have added Big Dipper at LPS and LPM and Geronimo at LPS but I was either too young or never got the chance.

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I've been on the following closed coasters

Big Dipper ( wooden ) Luna Park Sydney

Wild Cat LPS

Big Dipper ( steel ) LPS

Geronimo LPS

The Chipmunk...Fair at The Entrance

Big Dipper ( wooden ) Luna Park Melbourne

Thunderbolt Dream World

Eureka Mine DW

The Bush Beat Wonderland Sydney

The Beastie WLS

The Demon WLS

The Corkscrew Sea World

Colossus SFMM

Flash Back SFMM

Psyclone SFMM

Grizzly Great America San Jose

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Hi DisneyDoll!!

I am very excited to see that you have ridden both Big Dippers at LPM and LPS and also the Wild Cat. Could you please give us your impression of each ride- which one rode better? ( they were both identical) . Its rare these days to actually talk to someone who has ridden these rides and your views and memories would be most welcome!! If I could turn back time, I would love to save both Big Dippers at our Luna Parks- a huge part of amusement history in Australia was lost with their passing and both were allowed to be removed due to less than ideal circumstances.

Thanks in advance! :)

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Hi Jobe,

Glad to assist. Like you said, both parks had the same layout but the one in LPM seemed to be in a tighter space & the curves were banked a little more than it's Sydney sister. As a result, the one in Vic always seemed to me to be faster & slightly more thrilling. They both had a small lift hill just past the station which sent you around a right hand corner bend for the main drop. The drop itself wasn't that tall compared to coasters today but it was enough to take your breath away...The cars were heavy with high padded sides & no seatbelts just a safety bar that ran along the side of the carriages that the operator would pull & lock all at once. You bounced around quite a bit but it was all part of the fun..... Before it came into the brake run I'd have my coupon ready to ride again.

As a Sydney girl I would go to Luna Park every other week. It was an amazing place for me & I remember it fondly. The top of the first drop of the Dipper in Sydney had a slight lean to it which made you jump out of your seat when you went down. I don't know if it was deliberate but...there it was :) Both also had some great bunny hills & a sudden drop towards the end which made everyone scream with delight. I remember riding the Vic one once & my skirt broke ( very embarrassing at the time LOL ) Thank God for safety pins huh? :D

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I went on both Thunderbolt and Cyclone in Thunderbolt's last year of operation, and considered Thunderbolt pretty shaky at the time, and Cyclone as very smooth. I went on Cyclone again this year, and probably feels close to what Thunderbolt did at that time, though I was a sprightly person in my early 20s then, and a frail, old, 30 something now ;) I wouldn't consider either ride as 'boring', but I have no plans to get back on Cyclone any time soon.

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the 'india' rumour is old news, and also false. the rumour circulated that it was bound for an indian park ironically called Wonderland, but that rumour came out well before the ride was actually listed as sold - demon zoomerang actually only sold in July.

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