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Eureka Mountain Mine Ride reopening discussion


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If you plug a camera into a VHS/DVD recorder you should get okay results (that's how I transferred my old tape of MW). Once it's recorded onto a DVD and finalized you can put it into your computer and then upload it quite easily. I have one camera that is pre-digital that I'm going to transfer some old footage of WDW and 20th Century Fox Studios Sydney. I'll tell you how I go.

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^Pretty much. I have a Sharp Viewcam, which is 8mm(with no need of an intermediate cassette thing), which plays in mono, but the viewer no longer works. Luckily, you can still see the picture when you plug it into a video recorder. Problem with the pre-digital cameras is that every time you copy it, the picture goes down a grade in quality - still, better than nothing at all.

Looking at a close up of your picture Reanimated tells me that the cartridge is for a VHS-C tape - a different format.

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Hello! first time poster gold rush country/town of gold rush is dear to me as I grew up going to dremworld in the late 80s into the 90's and seen the park change over the years One of my favorite rides was the eureka runaway mine train ride I'd ride it as many times as I could evey time I visited the park. Any one remember the clackity clack noise of the break run and the hiss of the air brakes at the station the sound track of mining operations water dripping in the cave and distant explosions played on a loop through a hidden speaker near the tunnel opening and how when your cart left the station the track sloped down before the lift hill so your cart sped up went up the lift hill and the suddenly rolled back before locking into the lift hill chain? lol then how when you reached the top of the lift hill how warm it was inside the cave the smell of oil the animatronic going WATCH OUT SHES GONNA BLOW!! your cart sped up into the darkness the BOOM! Strobe lights flashed to simulate and explosion the you turn the corner blinded by daylight your eyes refocused in time to see your cart about to go over the edge of the mountain the ZIP back into the darkness then suddenly down you go into the first drop unexpectedly do a tight turn then drop again almost crashing into the skeleton miner! Aghh! Lol Then tight corner and drops and roars out into the daylight suddenly up into a shed on top of the station and back into the mountain then drops again in pitch blackness turns the corner and one more drop before blasting out of the mountain and into the break run that's how I remember it!

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At the top of the lift it's 'Get down, it's ganna blow!' followed by an explosion sound and strobe.

Wild West is 'Get out, she's ganna blow, out now I tells ya'

Eureka's was much slower and deliberate, where as the Wild West one is more frantic and has the hillbillies accent.

That concludeds today's episode of 'Things Joz remembers that no self respecting adult should'

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Let's get over the fact of how these photos were obtained as we are just going around in circles and lets actually discuss the photographs and overall condition of the ride.

I'm no expert in ride maintenance but sadly to me it appears that the ride would need a major overhaul to get it fit to open to the public. The mine carts look in terrible condition, the loading station floorboards look rotten. The internal part of the mountain looks to be falling apart, the outside of the mountain actually looks okay compared with the inside.

I remember it as being a great ride as a kid but I too am wondering if we are all getting caught up in the nostalgia of it all and our own perceived memories of what the ride was actually like. I would love to see Dreamworld bring the ride back, but IMO I don't see them plunging a heap of money at a ride which appears to be nearly beyond repair. I do hope that a dark ride is brought to Dreamworld as the unknown of a dark ride always adds to the thrill but whether that means resurrecting Eureka, I strongly have my doubts.

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